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Mario's Del Posto Restaurant..........

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Can you offer any advice. Would you go in December. I was told to let them have a little time to work out the kinks. Their website looks pretty nice. Thanks.

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  1. I believe they just got 2 Michelin stars....

    1. Had dinner there about 2 months ago, it was great. The chocolate/rum dessert alone makes it worth it.

      1. overrated...too big and too corporate.

        1. The decor/atmosphere is horrible. I felt like I was eating in the lobby of a Casino.

          The food is okay, but nothing that great. I'd go to Babbo or even Lupa any day of the week over Del Posto.

          1. there is a little trick that makes it a reasonable ($$$) way to try out Del Posto. Call the day of for the Enoteca seating. This is near the bar area, but is esentially the same as the rest of the place. The menu items you can choose from are the same as the rest of the restaurant but a little smaller and 1/2 the price, plus there is an inexpensive tasting menu. Call first thing that day to reserve a spot.

            This was all in a Frank Bruni article a few months ago

            As for the food, it was very good to excellent depending on the dish. Recommended!