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Oct 24, 2006 05:33 PM

Cornwall - 2nd try

Going to Cornwall for a conference this Thursday and Friday, and need some nourishment in the form of dinner on Thursday night. Is there ANYTHING other than St.Hubert there for a good dinner? (Seriously, I'll take any recommendations)

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  1. Umm, I remember there being a mexicali rosa's somewhere downtown where you can get quite drunk on the sangria if nothing else. There is a East Side Mario's too. Let's just say that after my several work-related months of living there I left and didn't look back.

    1. Last i heard mexicali rosa's had closed down, choices are thin in Cornwall, was last there 5 years ago and things have apparently not improved much

      1. I don't know Cornwall at all but if you don't mind a drive there is a good pizza place in Mountain Ontario, called "Mountain Station Pizza". Here's a blurb that gives address and phone:

        They only take cash and their hours may vary, so call ahead.

        It's 80 km from Cornwall, so not right around the corner (perhaps too far for dinner), but it's one option.

        I know there's a decent bakery in Maxville, Ontario (which is closer) but I'm not sure about restaurants.

        Maybe ask in the New York board if there's anything decent in any of the cities across the border, like Massena.

        1. Cornwall BBQ on Second Street near Brookdale is really good - but haven't been down there in a few years - hopefully it's still open. Violi's across the border near Malone or Massena is great.