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Oct 24, 2006 05:29 PM

Sedona/Oak Creek Canyon eats?

Can anyone recommend middle-budget decent places for Sedona/Oak Creek Canyon? NOT Village of Oak Creek. I realize the choices are rather limited...

NOT Cucina Rustica, not the Thai place, not L'auberge or the Yavapai place.

We'll be going to Oak Creek Pub and Grill for sure during our 3-4 day trip.

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  1. For mid-budget, I like Pizza Picazzo. I know they chainified it and put another in Scottsdale and one in Tempe; I've not tried those. But for a decent salad and pie and glass of wine on the patio, it's worth a stop.

    1. Thanks re: Pizza Picazzo. Except we eat there for lunch once a week already, so that's out. No Wildflower either please... And no Mexican...

      1. I ate at Orchard Cafe this past weekend.... the food was ok. Nothing special. I did like the Cowboy Club though, their buffalo flank was very tender. The appetizer platter was overrated. Stick with meat!!!

        1. Yuck...we ate at the Orchard Cafe one night on our week-long vacation last week and it was very, very average. Plus, we had to different glasses of spoiled wine. I would never go back there.

          I agree about Cucina Rustica...I thought it was not up to the hype but not bad.

          I don't know if Heartline is open at lunch but we ate there for dinner 2 nights--one night was fabulous and the next night was so, so.

          We had breakfast at Reds and it was good and we thought about eating lunch or dinner there.

          1. Last week, after a glorious ride down from Flag, through the Oak Creek Canyon, we drove through Sedona at sunset and then, back up to Cucina Rustica's, Oak Ceeek location. We sat outside near the kiva fireplace, which was delightful. My wife had Calamari to start it was fine (not great, just fine), the salads were lightly dressed and good. I really enjoyed the pork roast with caramelized red onions and a ratatouille type side veg. My wife loved her Portabello sauced pasta.

            P.S. I'm glad we didn't have dinner at Jackson Grill (up near Flag) that night (as planned), Because CR's food was better than Jackson Grills' and the setting at CR won, hands down.