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Oct 24, 2006 05:24 PM

Best mac and cheese?

Where would this be?

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  1. My favorite "Macaroni & Cheese" is the fusilli with fontina and black truffles at Via Delle Zoccolette. However, that was a while ago and the place has seen better days.

    I think that for most traditional M&Cs, though, they aren't sharp enough and the pasta is too mushy. I'm talking here about S'mac, Chat & Chew, etc. So I don't know.

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    1. Blue Smoke, 27th btwn Lex and Park, has ridiculous Mac and Cheese among other things...

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      1. re: Todd

        I second the Blue Smoke rec. Their Mac & Cheese is really delicious. I think it's only available as a side (haven't been in a while) - but it's very filling.

      2. Petite Abeille on 20th and 1st makes a pretty great mac & cheese- made with pieces of bacon and rich and filling.

        1. Cafeteria and Miss Mamie's Spoonbread. Eatery's is good too.

          1. I just had the mac and cheese at Five Points this weekend and it was very good, a little on the sharp side which I liked. I have also had good mac and cheese at Le Zie.

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              I used to love the mac and cheese at Le Zie. Unfortunately, my recent order was so awful I took the entire restaurant out of my delivery rotation for a while. Mushy macaroni with a few shreds of gummy cheese that resembed something carelessly melted in a microwave. None of that lovely crust or earthy truffle taste I've come to love. I'm hoping this was a mistake but I'm almost afraid to order it again (though other dishes remain solid).