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Best mac and cheese?

Where would this be?

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  1. My favorite "Macaroni & Cheese" is the fusilli with fontina and black truffles at Via Delle Zoccolette. However, that was a while ago and the place has seen better days.

    I think that for most traditional M&Cs, though, they aren't sharp enough and the pasta is too mushy. I'm talking here about S'mac, Chat & Chew, etc. So I don't know.

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    1. Blue Smoke, 27th btwn Lex and Park, has ridiculous Mac and Cheese among other things...

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        I second the Blue Smoke rec. Their Mac & Cheese is really delicious. I think it's only available as a side (haven't been in a while) - but it's very filling.

      2. Petite Abeille on 20th and 1st makes a pretty great mac & cheese- made with pieces of bacon and rich and filling.

        1. Cafeteria and Miss Mamie's Spoonbread. Eatery's is good too.

          1. I just had the mac and cheese at Five Points this weekend and it was very good, a little on the sharp side which I liked. I have also had good mac and cheese at Le Zie.

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              I used to love the mac and cheese at Le Zie. Unfortunately, my recent order was so awful I took the entire restaurant out of my delivery rotation for a while. Mushy macaroni with a few shreds of gummy cheese that resembed something carelessly melted in a microwave. None of that lovely crust or earthy truffle taste I've come to love. I'm hoping this was a mistake but I'm almost afraid to order it again (though other dishes remain solid).

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                Mmm, seconded. Just to warn you, it's not regular mac & cheese - it's green chile mac & cheese topped with tortilla crumbs. Creamy-cheesy, which is the way I like it (none of that baked-top only with nothing but greasy cooked noodles on the bottom).

              2. Best I've ever had is at Artisnal. Not surprisingly, the quality of the cheese is outstanding.

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                  Mac and cheese at the french place in the middle of Chelsea Mkt is quite admired by office ppl upstairs. They don't serve all the time. But with the perfect mix of cheeses and the mac isn't mushy, it's the best I've had so far.

                2. Not the "best," but a fun and yummy variation is the fried mac and cheese at the chip shop out in Brooklyn, thankfully available in a smaller side portion.

                  1. HOME HOME HOME!!!
                    I mean, the restaurant.
                    UNBELIEVABLE. I tend to order mac and cheese a lot, being a lover of comfort food. Home's version is truly something to behold. Served in an iron skillet with one of the tangiest and and tastiest combo of cheeses I've ever tasted.

                    1. Now that the weather is cooler, go to S'Mac. Have the "nosh" size of different flavors to build your own taste test.

                      Brie, Feta, Grueyer are three of my favorites.

                      1. S'mac is okay-- I'm sure it's good if you make your own with good cheese, but stay away from the "classic" because it's too bland.

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                          YES. Classic is VERY bland.

                          (Though after a night in the fridge, it gets much better, strangely enough.)

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                            the cheeseburger mac at s'mac reminds me of hamburger helper, ergo, it is good; i actually liked it a lot more than i had expected to.

                            i consume a terrifying amount of dumont's m&c each year, though i'm torn on the gumminess of it, and i'm not a fan of non-elbow m&c (dumont uses radiatore). in conclusion, blue smoke's mac is ridiculous, and i would gladly devour a bucket of it.

                          2. Deborah!!!! With or with out the turkey kielbasa it's the best.

                            1. ditch plains (bedford and downing).

                              1. Melba's tres mac and cheese. It's the cheesiest!!!

                                1. Chat and Chew by Union Square makes and incredible Mac & Cheese. Southern style!

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                                    I often go to Chat and Chew, and I usually get the M&C, but I don't think it's all that special. To me, it tastes like Kraft Deluxe but with a thin layer of real cheese crusted on top.

                                  2. i'm with tangentialist on this one. i could give myself a facial in the dumac & cheese. at dumont and dumont burger, both in williamsburg.

                                    1. I reccomend Home on Cornelia St-their Mac and Cheese blew me away

                                      1. i would highly reccomend CITY BAKERY mac. it is so delicious, very flavorful. its the best i've had in the city and i've searched high and low. second place is BLUE SMOKE definitely.

                                        1. Dumont in Williamsburg. Or Dumont Burger - also in Williamsburg. Same mac and cheese dish at both places.

                                          They use three cheeses: cheddar, gruyere and parmesan. Plus, they add big chunks of bacon.

                                          1. i agree that blue smoke is good--very creamy. also virgil's bbq isn't bad either.

                                            1. I love mac & cheese. My favorite so far is at Mama's, a southern/comfort food restaurant which is on 3rd st. and ave. b. It's really garlicky and really cheesy and really yummy.

                                              1. Oh man I totally forgot...

                                                The penne with roquefort and croutons at Waldy's on 6th Ave. b/t 27th & 28th.


                                                And cheap... since it's counter service, the dish only costs $6.95.

                                                1. i really liked the mac and cheese at schillers ... it was nice and tart, and not too goopy.

                                                  1. just had some today from City Bakery. realllllly good!

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                                                      City Bakery is a rip off. How much is it per pound nowadays?

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                                                        Something like $12/lb. It's a splurge meal, really, which kind of defeats the purpose of the buffet. They should either charge less per pound, or charge more and make it all-you-can-eat.

                                                    2. What's up with Mac and Cheese having bacon? I don't think that's what Kraft intended. I think that is disgusting that places like Petite Abeille and Dumont put bacon in a simple classic. Can't wait till PETA starts picking them.

                                                        1. i like lorelei's käsespätzle - german style mac&cheese beats out everything else in my book.

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                                                            1. re: yumyumyogi

                                                              Lorelei Restaurant and Biergarten, 7 Rivington Street, New York, NY 10002

                                                          1. I'm convinced--and this post supports me--that mac and cheese is one of those incredibly subjective foods that everyone has different feelings about what it should be. For instance, I wouldn't feed my dog anything from S'mac, but others love it. C'est la vie, try 'em all.

                                                            1. I've yet to try all these Mac n' Cheese Nazi places, but Blue Smoke is good....Trader Joe's frozen can be good (but some boxes are better then others...eek).... and whatever you do....avoid the fried mac n' cheese appetizer at Moe Pitkin's.

                                                                1. The most incredible mac and cheese I've had was at 41 Greenwich Avenue. Cost $16 but it was worth every penny. First, it was served in an earthenware bowl that kept the cheese melted all the way through a long meal. The portion was large but just right, and it had been baked with a blend of cheeses and a just-right macaroni texture, and also had hints of garlic thrown in. The cheese reminded me of the way the sauce sticks to well-made natto beans.

                                                                  1. I've had most of the mentioned, and all pretty good (some posted here that aren't all that good, but I bet you can figure 'em out). Though I am a fan of the casserole type of mac n cheese, NYC isn't the best place for that, or PLEASE point me in the right direction. But as for the creamy, Ashbox Café in Greenpoint just blew me away. The salad side had unripened grape tomatoes (eeeeooooo, not good), but the MnC was cheaper and better than most. They make it fresh on Thursdays and only serve it for that day, if you can make it. And I found out a lady with Alabama roots puts it all together! Not surprised.

                                                                      1. Hands down, it's got to be "Home"...Honestly, I have never had better anywhere!

                                                                        1. my vote is for Westville - it's smoked and sadly only comes as an appetizer, but their menu is excellent - that and some corn on the cob and i'm set!

                                                                          1. Dumont on the Lorimer L. Hands down.

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                                                                            1. I've had so-so and acceptable mac n cheese in numerous places, but the place I find myself ordering often is Fred's (uws). It's strange because I really don't think Fred's food is all that terrific (merely okay). But that cheese is very sharp (cheddar most likely), very rich, creamy, lots of it and the macaroni aren't mushy. Oh, and they get nice little bits of brown on the top too. Love that.