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If you had a $500 gift certificate for a restaurant in SF ......

Where would you go?

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  1. Probably Rubicon--for the wine list.

    Or maybe I'd wait for the next half-off-French-bottles night at Bacar.

    1. Does the Ferry Plaza count? I stopped going because it always ended up costing me $100+ for each trip - and that was being careful!

      1. I would go to Delfina, spend $100 on food (for two) and $400 on wine (mostly Avvoltore)...

        1. I'd probably go to Fleur de Lis or the Ritz. I live in the neighborhood and it kills me that I can never partake.

          1. I second the Ritz! Start with drinks in the bar...

              1. Masa's. Hands down. This was the best meal and dining experience I have ever had in my life. Dinner for two plus a bottle of Opus One. Can't beat it.

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                1. Have to say it - the French Laundry (ok, it's in the SF area). The food's beyond too good; the service is wonderful. It's just fantastic.

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                    Yeah, WBoucek, but that $500 would only cover ONE PERSON if wine is involved...

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                      Carrie, I can't drink (medicines) - only teeny sips - so my husband would have the wine. We could do (and have done) it for $500. Course, the tasting menu was only $100 when we went...

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                        I'll have to double check, but I don't recall spending $500pp when I went to French Laundry.

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                          The price is $210 including service charge but before sales tax.


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                            The 16 course TM menu we always order is 350-ea (including Service)plus wine is always around 1000- for two.

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                              What is a "TM menu"? A more expensive unpublished option at French Laundry?

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                                I'm guessing "TM menu" is a redundant reference to "tasting menu." Come to think of it, there were two tasting menu options (i.e., one longer than the other) though I could swear ours was 12 courses (plus a few extras). Interestingly, it was the bottled water, not the wine, that I recall adding up unexpectedly.

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                                  Correct, FL has had it since the beginning. It's Sixteen courses and it should be requested in advance. It was 180-ea 7-8 years ago. Then 225-ea about 3 yrs ago. We were at FL last May when it rose to 350- (including Service which is worth 70- so 280- is the actual base price ++wine+ + =500-ea

                        2. Table for 6 at Delfina. Hand the GC to the hostess and sit back and enjoy what comes out. mmmmm

                          1. Definitely Masa's and their out-of-this world nine course tasting menu! You and your partner will each get something different each course, so it's actually 18 things to try. Add the amuse bouche' and the candy cart at the end and you're at 20+ different tastes! It's $110 each, add to that cocktails, a bottle or two of great wine from their extensive list and after-dinner drinks and you'll have no trouble geting to $500.
                            Also it's elegant and small with impeccable service.

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                              You've had the tasting menu under the current chef, Gregory Short? There haven't been many reports here.