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Oct 24, 2006 05:13 PM

Savannah Restaurant Reviews--Trip Update

We tried to go to Uncle Bubba's oyster house but were turned away because we didn't have a reservation. So, beware, CALL FIRST!!

We went to Johnny Harris BBQ and their BBQ is awesome!! I am not a big fan of Southern BBQ, however, this captured my heart. I had chicken which was so juicy and falling off the bone. We also had the pulled pork plate with fries and brunswick stew. SO GOOD!!!

We went to Casbah Moroccan and I highly recommend this place. Very authentic. We had lamb and another dish with shrimp. You can also dance with the bellydancers. This is truly an event.

We went to Cotton Exchange which has reopened after a fire. Their potato salad is very good as is their Po'Boy.

Another good restaurant was the Olde Pink House. This is a very upscale restaurant in a Victorian mansion. The beef tenderloin was very flavorful and tender, as was my companion's grouper. They also had an awesome dessert in which a baby pumpkin was carved out, filled with pumpkin mousse and topped with fresh cream. Very yummy. Be sure to ask them why the house is pink.

For low-key, try Vinnie Van Go-Go's for pizza. Thin crust with a very light but flavorful tomato sauce.

Jazz'd Tapas bar should also not be missed. Has a beatnik feel about it and the jazz trio was great. Portions were plentiful and filling.

Only one that didn't bowl me over was Cotton Exchange in River Street. But the food was decent and the building is neat.

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  1. If my experience is any indication, do not spend a second worrying about missing Uncle Bubbas. I went a couple years ago and maybe it was an off night or something, but the food was below average to me. Very "chain seafood shack" stuff - over cooked, under seasoned. Both my companion and I were disappointed.

    1. I have been to Uncle Bubba's a few times, and it has definitely improved. The food used to be less than impressive as was the service, but it's better now. The Shrimp and Grits is delicious and the chargrilled oysters are incredible. I was actually surprised by the chicken wings which were really tasty. Didn't expect that. Not a cheap place to eat, but when it's on, it's on.

      1. The Olde Pink House doesn't have to be upscale. If you ask for a seat at the bar downstairs, I think you'll be very pleased. In fact, I like it MUCH better than the upstairs; great atmosphere, and you can wear shorts! The kitchen still needs a bit more training before they really hit the "greatness" mark. Last visit there, I ordered the seared sea scallops and they still had that super tough little muscle attached to them. Come on... a amateur even knows you need to remove that!

        1. We went to The Olde Pink House a few months ago, too. We ate upstairs and two of the tables adjacent to ours had people wearing T-shirts and shorts without looking out of place. Tourists don't always pack slacks and ties and the Pink House is fine with that. The food was delicious, but if I'd been in a different mood, I would have sent some of it back. Each piece of my rack of lamb seemed to be cooked differently. Thankfully the first piece was cooked perfectly (mid-rare). The next was overdone ( I thought it just was still cooking itself ) but then the next piece was practically raw. All out of the same pan, I assume. The praline-caged ice cream was good, but I've had better pralines in just about any candy shop.

          1. Hey, are you sure it was Johnny Harris you went to for southern BBQ? Sounds to me like a little place called Coffee Bluff BBQ.

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              Coffee Bluff BBQ is definitely an intentional joint - you ain't gonna just pass by and drop in. That said, the food is great. The smoked chickens are as big as they come and tender. I'm talking twice the size of a normal bird. The ribs are alright, but the chipped barbeque is what I get. I like the fried okra and seasoned steak fries. Brunswick stew is okay. I like Savannah's Old Timey Town Bar-B-Q on Hwy 17 myself. The ribs are delicious and Granny's Batter-Dipped Fries are some of the best out there.

              1. re: bassrocker4u2

                Yes, it was Johnny Harris BBQ. Will definitely go back there if ever in Savannah again!