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Best sushi place in baltimore

somewhere close to the city? maybe even near reisterstown rd plaza?

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  1. My favorites are the sushi in Cross Street Market and Matsuri right next door in Federal Hill, I don't know of anything around Reistertown Rd Plaza. Not sure if there are any sushi places in the Pikesville area.

    1. As far as I am concerned, there's only one choice, Minato in Mt. Vernon

      1. I do enjoy the sushi in Cross Street Market. My other three favorites are out in the HoCo burbs:
        Sushi Sono
        Sushi King

        1. minato (which i like to call menudo, as in 80's boy band) and nichiban in fed hill

          1. Another vote for Minato's. Try the white tuna and the monkfish liver pate.

            1. I'm a fan of Asahi in Fells Point.

              1. What are you looking for? Asahi is my fav sushi place; nice big fresh pieces of fish but they don't have a huge selection and if you're looking for rolls (as many of the people on this board are), you'll probably be disappointed.

                My only other rec that hasn't been mentioned is Chiu's sushi next to Whole Foods in Inner Harbo East. They have a wide selection of rolls; nice atmosphere; that's where many of my friends go.

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                  san sushi in timonium/cockeysville on york rd

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                    Chiu's was just okay. My wife and I went for the first time for an early dinner this past weekend, got the sashimi platter and a couple of rolls. I'm sorry I don't remember which ones, it's just that I wasn't knocked out by them.

                    I tend to critique the whole dining out experience. It is more that just the food.

                    A recent post (on the "Restaurant near 604Bin" thread ) says, "atmosphere is cool". Really, the decor is generic sushi bar leaning a "little kitschy" as was mentioned in the first reply on that thread.

                    The sushi menu is quite possibly the worst designed menu I have read in my life. It was so bad it made me not want to read it. That's bad design. Too many abbreviations, with codes on one side only. Am I too lazy to flip it over? Perhaps, but it was more than just that. I could go on. But I am a design snob.

                    And you have to love it when two different booths had at least one baseball cap wearing former (current?) frat boy-type. My father told me to take my hat off when indoors. And one of them wore a hole-y t-shirt I wouldn't clean the basement in. Fellas, there's a great magazine stand around the corner. Pick up a GQ. Please.

                  2. Rated best in Zagat's last year was Sushi sono in Columbia, but that's about a half hour drive from downtown balt.

                    1. if you go anywhere, go to san sushi right off the circle in towson.
                      they are the best!

                      1. Having been to many sushi places in Baltimore, I often ask myself this question. I can come up with one word to describe Baltimore area sushi - inconsistent. First off, I have never been to Asahi or Sushi Sono. I used to like Kawasaki for simple and fresh. Minato can be quite good, and they make some creative rolls with fruit such as mango, but I have never been blown away by the freshness of the fish. It does have a great atmosphere at the bar. It's been a while since I've been to Nichiban or Nicks in the Cross St market. As far as I remember, neither of them stood out but were solid. Edo can be hit or miss but more often miss (stick with the nigiri, skip the rolls). If you want Americanized sushi, look no further than San Sushi in Towson or Cockeysville. IMHO, pieces are way too big and all fish tends to taste the same (a tell-tale sign that the fish is not fresh or not properly refrigerated). They also make huge rolls with spicy/sweet mayo sauces slopped all over them. Rolls taste like, well, mayo. If that's your thing then go for it.

                        Chui's and Matsuri are my top picks. Both tend to have ultra-fresh fish and some rare finds. Rolls are on the simple side, but allow you to taste the flavors of the Ingredients and the chefs take time in coming up with semi-traditional combinations that work. Matsuri has the edge on atmosphere, but finding parking in Fed Hill is mind numbing.

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                          There is plenty of parking in the West street garage a block away, but if you want to save the $3 then yeah, it's a problem. Of course, now I live two blocks away, so it's easy for me.

                          I still give the edge to Sushi King in Columbia though.

                          You're absolutely right about Sans Sushi and Edo. I avoid them.

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                            Sushi King is good but I've never been ultra impressed by the freshness of the fish (their tuna is always a little off to me), and it is Chinese owned so it isn't the most authentic place. I like Fuji in Ellicott City for straight authentic nigiri sushi although their selection is limited.

                        2. How about Sushi Ya. Sounds like they're in the location you are looking for: 9616 Reisterstown Road. It's in a strip mall, don't let that scare you away. but I've been there a few times with friends who live in that area and it was pretty decent.

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                            Sushi Hana in Towson is impeccable. Always excellent.....best unagi I have had in B'more area. Hana eclipses the far more popular San Sushi in every regard. Only drawback that I can muster if pressed, is the lack of toro. Always on the menu, rarely available. Tuna belly notwithstanding, venture to Hana immediately. Sit at the bar and tuck in.

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                              I second Sushi Hana for freshness and consistency. SH is my favorite place for sushi in Baltimore.

                              I'm not impressed with Chui's Sushi. Some of their rolls seem to be "gimick-y" and overdone. You can really tell the quality of the sushi by the quality of the rice. If they skimp on the rice, you can bet they are skimping elsewhere. Needless to say, the rice is very good quality at SH.

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                                Sushi Hana is certainly the best in Towson, but I wouldn't call it the best in Baltimore. I still give Sushi King props for that.

                          2. My faves in Balto City proper and Chiu's and Minato. I agree with previous posters that Chiu's is very, very fresh. I like the vibe at Minato and always enjoy the sashimi.

                            IMHO, the very best sushi in the area is in Glen Burnie (yes, of all places!) in a strip mall on Mountain Road. Tokyo Sushi is hands down amazing. Their sushi is fresh, their sashmi comes with oodles of winter radish, and they gave great sashimi spicy rice bowls and various shooters. They also some some amazing and innovative rolls.

                            Also, Tokyo Sushi does something with its salmon sashimi that no other sushi place I've been to do. They slice a paper-thin slice of lemon which includes the peel. The hint of sour of the lemon combined with the hint of bitterness with the rind bring out the flavor of the salmon in the most incredible way. This treatment has spoiled me for salmon sashimi/sushi. If I have salmon elsewhere, it's always lacking from me because this lemon combo is just *so* *perfect.*

                            1. I like the MArket and Matsuri in Federal Hill and in the county, I like Sushi at Sushihana, I think it is called.