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Oct 24, 2006 04:27 PM

festival road trip this weekend

Round up the kids & pack 'em into the car: it's time for a road trip to the French Food Festival in Larose, LA. Here's the fest website: for schedules & directions.
I'll be cooking seafood gumbo all weekend for a good cause, and it looks like the weather will be nice on Sat/Sun. Alligator sauce piquante, crawfish etouffee, shrimp jambalaya, oyster soup, meat & crawfish pies, red beans & rice, a complete boucherie featuring grillades, routee (pork stew), gratons, boudin, sweets incl. tarte a la bouillie, beignets, pralines, and much more...while at the fest, you can also view the Smithsonian Inst.'s traveling exhibit "Main Ingredients" on American food & culture.

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  1. crawfish is not in season. you're using frozen?

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    1. re: dtud

      First, I don't make the crawfish etouffee. But, the crawfish is locally produced from ponds in the area and hand-peeled by the family that makes it. Yes, the crawfish is frozen, but it is not a commercial product.

    2. Hey Celeste, how far would you guess that event is from Houston?

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      1. re: Spencer

        Let's see...according to MapQuest, it is approx 343 miles from downtown Houston...quickest route is I-10 to Lafayette, exit at US 90 east, take US 90 east about 100 miles to LA 308 south, then approx 15 miles south to Larose.

        1. re: Hungry Celeste

          Thanks Celeste
          Sorry, I didn't mean for you to MQ it. Thought you just might know off the top of your head.
          Wish it was closer- sounds like a hoot!