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Oct 24, 2006 04:05 PM

pure food and wine

anyone out there eaten at PURE FOOD AND WINE over near union sq park? im not a raw foodist or anything, but i like innovative restaurants and ive read a lot of interesting things about this place. bit pricey and im having a hard time convincing someone to go with me...hehe. people seem reticent to spend that much on what they assume will be a continuous stream of dressed up salads. anyhow, wanted to know what you all think.

ps, i HAVE been into their little cafe-ish place next door and thoroughly enjoyed what i had there. tasty treats made completely 'raw' i suppose. not heated over some temperature, etc etc. anyhow, lemme know!

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  1. We are not vegetarians/vegans either but were intrigued to try the food at Pure Food, especially because we always loved sitting in the wonderful back garden when that location was occupied by Verbena. So, we chose a fine summer night to do it. They made improvements to the garden, making it even lovelier and more comfortable than it had been. However, service, while friendly, was a bit haphazard. It took me forever to get one of the non-alcoholic mixed drinks they offered, and when it finally arrived, it was a disappointment.

    As for the food, the only thing we really think worth going there for is the "lasagna." In a word, sensational! A green salad was pleasant enough but nothing special. Desserts were quite awful.

    You are right that it is *very* expensive which, I think, is the result of some of the high-priced vegan-friendly ingredients they have to use, especially in the desserts. If you do want to try Pure Food, I would advise ordering only the lasagna (o.k., a salad if you must have a starter), then go somewhere else for dessert.

    1. If you liked the treats you had at Pure Food's take-out cafe where they also have a few seats, you really should try their restaurant and garden on a nice night. Are they open for brunch on weekends? If so, it might be a bit less expensive than dinner.

      I've had a few dishes there and as RGR states, the pesto lasagna is really delicious and so are other raw dishes there. I've had excellent salads and the seaweed salad is good and good for you.

      In my mind, there seems to be some kind of mystique to raw food yet we've been eating crudites and salads for years which is raw. I prefer many vegetables raw or lightly steamed and would rather go to an excellent restaurant like Pure Food than say a hippy dippy granola type place that serves mock meat 'vegetarian' food that's tasteless. Too many of those have given vegetarian/vegan food a bad name.

      I say go for it and spend a few extra dollars. You'll enjoy the ambiance and you'll feel so virtuous afterwards! (big wink)

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        They do not serve lunch or brunch.

      2. I found the place incredibly pretentious and the food rather bland and tasteless. But to each his own.

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          1. cool, nice to know. soon as i can convince someone, im there!