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Oct 24, 2006 03:59 PM

Soup Guy on 51st and Broadway

Just had the pea soup and it was SPICY and good. Last year I found him to be hit or miss but certainly better than any deli soups around here.

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  1. his chicken gumbo is spicy and delicious too.

    1. Thanks for this recommendation! Your timely post saved me from a trip to the odious and expensive Hale and Hearty Soup store.

      I tried the beef chili, which tasted great, but I settled on the Lobster/Crab bisque. Though it doesn't have as much whole lobster meat as the Soup Nazi used to, it is excellently flavored, and a great, filling soup on a cold day like today.

      My only complaint about the place is the bread. I understand that given the logistics of a cart, he can't exactly have fresh baked bread with him, but I really prefer a crustier, more filling bread with my soup.

      1. What's so odious about Hale and Hearty? Their soup is delicious!

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          I'm with you - I love H and H. One of the only places I can get vegetarian split pea soup.