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Artisanal Charcuterie in Toronto?

Last month I was in Prince Edward County and picked up some lovely homemade charcuterie -- juniper & elk salami and wild boar sauccisson sec -- which I brought back to Toronto. Is there any place in Toronto where I can buy artisanal charcuterie? Wanted to serve it at a party...Thanks!

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  1. I go to Viking Deli and Smokehouse to buy great in-house-smoked salmon and homemade Scandinavian breads (the cardamom almond bread is to die for).

    They also do their own charcuterie. Haven't tried it yet, so I can't vouch for it. If it's anything like their salmon, though, it's worth a try.

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      Where is this Viking Deli? I'm drooling over the thought of almond cardamom bread!

    2. I would also bet that if you go to the farmer's market in St. Jacob's (about a 45 minute drive) on Saturdays you'll find some great artisanal sausage, possibly made by Mennonites in the area.

      Actually, the whole area of Kitchener-Waterloo is probably loaded with artisanal producers.

      1. Check out Niagara Specialty Foods. The George Restaurant people publish an interesting food column every week. One of the columns talked about amazing and proper charcutterie done in the traditional Italian method. Have a look at www.georgeonqueen.ca and go to "Foodbuzz" tab and then look at the September 21st article.

        1. Sorry. VIKING DELI & SMOKEHOUSE is on Laird south of Eglinton.
          133 Laird Dr. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (416) 425-7200

          1. Thanks for all of the great suggestions so far! Anything else that is in the GTA? I won't have time this weekend to drive out of town...

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              You could try Fresh From the Farm, on Donland just a block south of O'Connor. http://www.freshfromthefarm.ca/

              On this page, http://www.freshfromthefarm.ca/produc... you can find some elk sausage.

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                Not sure if they have the kind of salami that I want to serve as an hors d'oeuvre, but the place looks really interesting -- I'm going to check it out. Thanks!

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                  There's also this small Italian grocer on Danforth west of Donlands, Maselli's, where the owner makes his own prosciutto (and sausages, but fresh not cured). I am no prosciutto expert but it certainly tastes better than the supermarket crap.

                  Masellis Supermarket
                  906 Danforth Ave
                  Toronto, ON M4J1L9
                  (416) 465-7901

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                    I'll try it, I need to get some prosciutto as well. Thanks!

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                      +1 Masellis does make some of the best prosciutto on Toronto

              2. What about salumi?

                CityBites recently had a brief piece on a Toronto salumeria -- not sure if it caters only to the restaurant trade bceause the article is written in that annoyingly imprecise CityBites style. But it definitely mentions a couple places that serve the stuff, which sounds good, and maybe you could get takeout.


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                  Michelin, I had a sudden craving for almond cardamom bread, so I headed to Viking Deli.

                  Upon looking at their deli counter, I'd venture to say it's not, after all, what you have in mind. Much skimpier than I remembered, and no wild game charcuterie at all.

                  The bread is still delicious, though, as is the cold-smoked salmon.

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                    It's not too far away from my office, so I think I'll check it out for lunch one day!

                  2. Since there isn't as many reply as I first expected, I'll post some suggestions and see if anyone has any feedback. I haven't been to the following places but a friend of mine gave me this list a while ago and I've been meaning to visit each shop...

                    Blue Danube Sausage House (24 Cauncey 416-234-9811)
                    -my friend's favourite Hungarian sausage and meat shop. They make their own fresh and dry-cured sausages, salamis, lunch meats, and smoked meats on premise.

                    Lein Delicatessen (3562 Lakeshore Blvd W 416-251-5858)
                    -German-style chacuterie

                    Vatra Cheese & Deli (1092 Islington Ave 416-237-0297)
                    -Polish deli

                    Family Meat & Deli (278 Browns Line 416-253-1098)
                    -Slovenian deli
                    -homemade sausage & Kranjske sausage
                    -ham polish sausage

                    Alderwood Meat Market (880 Browns Line 416-251-0209)
                    -Slovenian deli
                    -Kranjske sausage (Karnolian)
                    -Polish sausage
                    -Ljublanska salami

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                        Looking at all the responses, I get the impression we're a little short on great charcuterie in Toronto. I just visited the Salumi website (Mario Batali's dad's place in Seattle) and my mouth was watering. With some of the great pork we have in these parts, it's sad that no one's having a go.

                    1. Charcuterie is one of the themes at Cava; they do their own with a number of different animals/styles.

                      On the retail end, Salumeria on Yonge north of Davisville has a very good selection of charcutrie, everything from bundnesfleisch to serrano