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Oct 24, 2006 03:46 PM

Old-School Cantonese

Out on Avenue U in Brooklyn is Richard Yee's, an old Chinese restaurant that's a bit of a time warp: pu-pu platters, pagoda-topped bar area, menu items like "volcano pineapple steak," etc.

OK, it's a LOT of a time warp. It's like Sichuan, Hunan, and the like never happened.

I was there recently and found myself getting surprisingly nostalgic. Are there other old-school Cantonese restaurants left in the city? I'd like to put together a list.

-- Paul

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  1. king yum on union turnpike in fresh meadows

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      I love King Yum. I had takeout from them about two weeks ago and not only is the place in a time warp in decor, so is the menu. Best of all, the food is excellent. You will not find a better egg roll, you can pick the baby shrimp out, and the ribs are great. My family loves the Pu Pu Plater. Egullet has a great review of the place with pictures of the food and decor.

    2. Golden Gate in Riverdale (Johnson & 236th), especially for spare ribs. Their menu is right out of the fifties. They've added some non-historic options (e.g., dumplings, scallion pancake, etc.), but they're not worth ordering. The boro Cantonese, though, takes me right back to places like Lum's in Flushing (the town I grew up in)- Shrimp Toast, Subgum Wonton, Wor Shu Opp, Char Siu Ding, etc.

        1. I'm glad someone esle found Richard Yee's. The prices have gotten a bit high, 70 bucks for takeout of 2 dishes and an appetizer, but you get what you pay for. Someone had suggested I try Joy K's and, while it was quite good, Richard Yee's has an ambiance unlike many other.

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            CHINA NEW STAR 2210 FLATBUSH AVE. Brooklyn: great food with waiters who seem to have stepped out of the 1960's. They also own the kosher Chinese restaurant Shang-Chai diagonally across where the very best deal is the Thursday-only buffet.