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Oct 24, 2006 03:46 PM

Anyone Been to Le Hangar?

In the 3rd, in Paris.

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  1. We ate there last night and found the food to be good and fresh, and the crowd French! Moderate prices-would certainly recommend.

    1. I haven't been but I plan on going next week. The place we've rented is just around the corner, and I've heard good in TimeOut and someplace else, too. It sounds too convenient for me to pass. I'll report.

      1. Went there several times a few years ago and it was wonderful, smallish and quiet. Their dessert was an innovation at the time, a moelleux au chocolat, which you needed to order when you ordered the meal. It was well worth it.

        1. I've been there twice now (once in October, once last week). Excellent, honest cooking, with fresh ingredients that go well together.

          THE BEST
          • The salmon tartare was a million times better than the hackneyed versions offered most places: creamy, fatty chunks of fish with a healthy (or not so healthy?) dose of good olive oil and some fresh basil for an interesting kick, plus lemon.

          • House-marinated artichoke hearts with mixed greens.

          • Haricots verts salad with a simple (but masterful) vinaigrette

          • Ravioli with an eggplant cream sauce, which was rich, decadent, and tasted much more interesting and complex than it sounds.

          • Continuing down the decadence trail: Sautéed foie gras escalopes served atop olive oil mashed potatoes, drizzled with foie fat. Holy smokes---this is the way this stuff should be served! Forget the jams and sweet preparations!

          I tried the chocolate soufflé that you had to order 30 minutes early, and I found it too eggy and unremarkable. But maybe it was just an off night.

          Another note: The second bottle of Pouilly Fumé was slightly corked, and they replaced the bottle without so much as a grimace----something I'd expect in a huge corporate restaurant but was happy to see even in this small neighborhood bistro.

          I will try to post pictures of the salmon and the foie gras.

          1. It is around the corner from the friend with whom I regularly stay when I am in Paris. Since it is her neighborhood hang-out, I have been there quite often. I have to admit that I never get too excited about it. Perhaps because I have not found it as decadently heavy and rich as wittlejosh does. For an easy neighborhood nosh it is certainly worth a visit - - and since this is a neighborhood with a good deal of tourist traffic, being right next to the Beauborg - - it will get some attention, but it is not worth a detour. Given the options in the immediate vicinity, unless one wants to go whole hog and cheesy mashed potato at Ambassade d'Auvergne, this is a reasonable choice. Otherwise the 'hood is filled with street food for tourists.

            However if you really want to do something exceptional head to Pain de Sucre on 14 Rambuteau and stuff yourself silly on elaborate beautiful to behold pastries and incredible caramels from Jacque Genin. Now that is a "meal" one cannot find even in New York.

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              I'd like to second that Pain de Sucre recommendation...I keep a picture of the window display on my desk to help me make it through the day, and to remind me why my pants seem too tight.