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Oct 24, 2006 03:40 PM

Taking The Credit

A client invited me over for dinner and served the most delicious Acorn Squash soup I've ever tasted. Creamy, just warm enough to bring out all the goodness. I raved about it for weeks. At one point she mentioned sharing the recipe, although I didn't ask. But, with Thanksgiving approaching I thought it would make a wonderful addition to our family meal so I asked her for a copy the next time she had it handy. Her reply: visit the X market, they sell it by the quart! And off she ran, laughing! Well...I had to giggle...the time had come for her to come clean! I suppose the flavorful bread she served with the soup was also store bought (hahaha)..

Which got me thinking...have you ever taken credit for food you did not prepare? Did you come clean at some point?

Just for fun...inquiring minds wanna know :)

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  1. No but I am a caterer, and often times people will say "don't make it look too good or people won't believe I made it;)" So this is common.

    1. No, but I almost never serve anything that isn't home made (exceptions are chips, nuts). Sometimes I'll put out something someone gave me or brought but I always give the credit to the giver.

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        1. No. I did read an article where someone said she baked a cake for a bake sale, but it fell. She didn't have time to make another one so she propped it up w/ empty toilet paper rolls and decorated it. She figured she'd rush to the sale, buy it and throw it out but someone beat her to it and it was gone. She went to a party later that day, overheard people praising the hostess about this beautiful centerpiece cake and the hostess taking all the credit for it. Turned out to be the baker's cake. She said she didn't say a word.

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          1. Had to laugh when I read your post. As a child we would pile in the car to race off to some potluck or other, with Mom carefully placing her big cut glass serving bowl and a sparkling silver serving spoon in the front seat. She'd swing by KFC for some coleslaw and I'd have to dump it carefully into the bowl. I don't remember her ever admitting to this.

            My mother in law does this routinely, evading questions regularly about where that delicious potato salad came from.

            I do this rarely but in my younger, post college days I had a group of snobby friends over for Mexican food. I bought the tamales and salsas, and when they all commented that they couldn't believe I'd go to the trouble of making tamales for them I just smiled and asked for someone to pass the margaritas.

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                I love the cole slaw at KFC. Perhaps I will lose any credibility with this board for my confession -- but it's my guilty pleasure! Your mom is welcome at my house anytime.