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Oct 24, 2006 03:38 PM

Been to Smoke Daddy, Love it! Who's got the best BBQ in town?

I Love Smoke Daddy! Where else should I go for BBQ??

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  1. Although you will find some mixed reviews, Honey-1 BBQ on Western Avenue is widely considered to be the best BBQ in town.

    There have been several posters ravings about how improved the BBQ is at Smoke Daddy. If I'm not mistaken, it is under new mgmt and back to it's original splendor.

    1. I had a great slab of ribs a Chuck's last weekend. They were some of the meatiest ribs I've ever had, perfectly cooked. Definately not "jello" ribs. These had a nice chew to them.

      The smoked brisket was also fantastic.

      1. Haven't been to smokedaddy since the new management. I heard it the food has changed for the better since it was hard to get any worse. The last time I ate there it was terrible but being a bbq lover I might try it again. I cook great smokey bbq at home on my weber and it's hard to beat. And quite seriously all the local joints can't touch it. Honey 1 got good reviews but I found it to be just average. My favorite place is a little joint in Maywood called Hillary and Cooks on 17th ave. a few blocks north of the eisenhower express way. It's carryout only and if you blink you'll miss it. Real old school bbq smokey and a sauce that makes your mouth water and cheap too. The last time I was there 20 bucks got me a large tip and a full slab. Great ribs and tips straight forward nothing fancy. It's a place I use as a reference to judge bbq by and just talking about it makes me want to jump in the car and get some.

        1. Fat the AMC theater on Western. A major reason I need a diet...the sauce is awesome, smoked brisket sandwich is great, ribs are great as well. They deliver too.

          1. Honey-1. Nothing comes close as far as I'm concerned.