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Oct 24, 2006 03:09 PM

Vegas for two, looking for great food around $100-150 pp.

I'm looking for a restaraunt in the $100-150/person range in Vegas for a Sunday night. We don't want to go more formal than business casual. There are going to be two of us and we really want to have great food and a great dining experience. We really love tasting menus and prix fixe menus. We like to eat everything but we want to stay away from steak since we will be eating it on Saturday night. Right now we are looking at Nob Hill, Mix, Aureole, and Bradley Ogden. We know there are more so help us out if you can. The more casual Robuchon place also looks interesting but sitting at the bar doesn't really excite my wife.

Please help us choose a place, it doesn't have to be on the list.


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  1. Alex at the Wynn. Do a search on this site for all the great and in depth reviews. Unless you are looking for something more "fun" it seems that at that price range Alex is the top of the heap for great food and a great dining experience. You can wear jeans and a nice shirt.

    1. Fix at Bellagio: lively atmosphere, interesting architecture, eclectic, reasonably-priced menu and open late.

      1. I would avoid Mix and Aureole and go to Fleur de Lys instead, if you are looking at the Mandalay Bay. I enjoyed Bradley Ogden, but I really liked the "counter" at Joel Rubuchon (we sat next to Sigfried, so that was kind of fun). Alex is quite good, but I think it is pretty formal. With no offense to the prior poster, I would not be comfortable in jeans in Alex. You might also consider somewhere like Simon at the Hard Rock, which I think has very enjoyable food, or Okada at the Wynn, where I believe the chef does do a tasting menu.....

        1. I was just in Vegas about a week ago. IF you're still planning your trip, Aureole was terrific! great hamachi app and squab entree.

          Service was terrific. We brought our own wines and they couldn't have been more accomodating and warm.

          FYI-the tasting menu looked fabulous and three of the five of us would have ordered that. So fabulous we actually considered splitting into two tables in order to get the tasting menu --but being together was the focus (since we came from both coasts) so the fact that we even mentioned doing that was truly just a compliment to the tasting menu itself. Anyway-terrific meal was had by all. Go there!

          1. Picasso would be my top pic for that price range - I think the tasting menus are around $100 without wine pairings and $150 with.