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Oct 24, 2006 03:06 PM

Thanksgiving Dinners: delivery or pickup restaurants

Due to ill health, I am contemplating the easy way out. I am looking for places that will deliver or at least offer cooked dinners for pickup. Wally's Food Company does offer delivery and has an enticing menu; has anyone tried Wally? I have in the past ordered through Waiters on Wheels from St. Francis Hotel and the meal was just OK (as most mass feeding dinners are) and I did in the 80s order a wonderful goose dinner from Via Vende.

Any other suggestions, or ideas? BTW, kudoos to the list owners for the revamping of the website. It's so much easier to read all the entries and the design is great.

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  1. I've done TG dinners from Mollie Stone markets. I was quite impressed with the turkey, not dry at all. They have all the fixins. You go to their website for the menu and call in your order in advance for a pickup on thanksgiving day, or the night before.

    1. I've done Andronico's and frankly the guests that didn't know better thought it was home cooked. The sides were good but most of all the turkey wasn't dried out, even after reheating.

      1. So did you ever find a substitute for Vicolo's pizza?

        Anyway, maybe post a general question about Wally's itself if you are curious about the quality of the food in general. People who might have experience with Wally's might not read a Thanksgiving post.

        It seems to trump anything I've seen to date in that they deliver to the house. The menu does look good ... well ... I'm considering it ... especially since they deliver to the entire Bay Area including my zipcode ... though it is on the pricy side.

        I'm with you on the Fairmont Dinner. Maybe when the November magazine for Waiter on Wheels comes out, there will be other places doing a delivery too.

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          Obviously, I don't visit Chowhound enough.

          How did you remember my inquiry about Vicolo? I guess it's avbl via tracking?
          Anyway, I haven't found a replacement but have been buying the Vicolo shells and making my own, usually successfully by memories of their different selections. I love the sweet corn especially in the summertime when supersweet is avlbl at Farmer's Market.

          Any suggestions on other places for Chicago pizza?

        2. Fatted Calf did a T-Day dinner last year that was available for delivery. I didn't try it but the menu looked incredible, and I've been consistently impressed with their offerings. I seem to recall duck stuffed with sausage, foie gras terrines and an assortment of other delicious items. The format was they had a bunch of different goodies available, and you pick the ones that sound best with a minimum order required for delivery.

          IIRC, they didn't post the menu until about two weeks before T-Day. You may try emailing them to ask if they intend to do it again this year. The owners are in Italy at a Slow Foods conference so it may take a few days for them to get back to you.

          1. I'm actually considering getting a few things from Vivande. Had some amazing pasta there a few weeks and and am terribly impressed with their house-made fennel sausage. They are doing everything from turkey to sides and the food is fabulous.