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Oct 24, 2006 02:49 PM

Patio-dog friendly in SF?

Meeting a friend for dinner one night this weekend, and need a place where a small dog, in a carrier, can hang out.
Thinking somewhere in the Castro, or really anywhere near there with a patio area, or just a place where no one cares about a quiet pooch in a bag.

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  1. I had dinner recently at Plouf outside and I had my small dog sitting on my lap, they had no problems with that.

    1. Not in the Castro, but Inner Sunset on 9th and Lincon.
      Park Chow has an outside seating area in the front (with heat lamps) that allows dogs. They'll even bring a bowl of water out for your pooch.

      1. Consider Tangerine at 16th and Sanchez - outdoor tables
        Or Cote Sud on 18th just above Castro (they have an inclosed patio)and I'd call to make sure a dog would be ok.
        Or Foreign Cinema (outdoor patio)on Misson for upscale.
        Or Dolores Cafe for down scale -outdoor tables.
        Or Delfina Pizza - outdoor tables.
        Or Chow on Church at Market which has a patio in the rear.
        Or Cafe Flore which has a patio but I'm not a big fan of the kitchen.
        Or Blue Plate which has outdoor tables in the rear.

        Oh, too many choices, I'm getting hungry.

        1. Zazie has a special dog night on Mondays on their heated patio at the back of the cafe. I would imagine that they would allow dogs on other nights as well. Chicken liver pate is very tasty.

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          1. re: China

            Zazie only allows dogs on the patio on Monday nights. During other tmes, dogs are only allowed on the tables on the sidewalk.

            1. re: anna

              Wow! Dogs on the tables - how hospitable! ;-) LOL

          2. Rose's Cafe on Steiner & Union. Sidewalk seating with heaters, excellent food and they bring house-made doggie treats to the dogs...