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Patio-dog friendly in SF?

Meeting a friend for dinner one night this weekend, and need a place where a small dog, in a carrier, can hang out.
Thinking somewhere in the Castro, or really anywhere near there with a patio area, or just a place where no one cares about a quiet pooch in a bag.

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  1. I had dinner recently at Plouf outside and I had my small dog sitting on my lap, they had no problems with that.

    1. Not in the Castro, but Inner Sunset on 9th and Lincon.
      Park Chow has an outside seating area in the front (with heat lamps) that allows dogs. They'll even bring a bowl of water out for your pooch.

      1. Consider Tangerine at 16th and Sanchez - outdoor tables
        Or Cote Sud on 18th just above Castro (they have an inclosed patio)and I'd call to make sure a dog would be ok.
        Or Foreign Cinema (outdoor patio)on Misson for upscale.
        Or Dolores Cafe for down scale -outdoor tables.
        Or Delfina Pizza - outdoor tables.
        Or Chow on Church at Market which has a patio in the rear.
        Or Cafe Flore which has a patio but I'm not a big fan of the kitchen.
        Or Blue Plate which has outdoor tables in the rear.

        Oh, too many choices, I'm getting hungry.

        1. Zazie has a special dog night on Mondays on their heated patio at the back of the cafe. I would imagine that they would allow dogs on other nights as well. Chicken liver pate is very tasty.

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            Zazie only allows dogs on the patio on Monday nights. During other tmes, dogs are only allowed on the tables on the sidewalk.

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              Wow! Dogs on the tables - how hospitable! ;-) LOL

          2. Rose's Cafe on Steiner & Union. Sidewalk seating with heaters, excellent food and they bring house-made doggie treats to the dogs...

            1. 'CATCH' in the Castro on Market (north side) between Castro and 16th...has a large HEATED outside patio...You could give them a try.....

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                I checked with Catch beofre and dogs aren't allow on the patio.

                In the Castro, Tangerine is great. I'm not sure if the outdoor tables are available in the evening though.
                Le Zinc in Noe Valley (24th St. by Castro) has a nice enclosed garden patio with heat lamps. It's a place we really enjoy with our puppy.
                If you're willing to travel further, you'll find some nice options on Union Street (by Laguna/Buchanan area), upper Fillmore and North Beach.

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                  When I passed Catch yesterday, they had tables on the sidewalk in front of their outdoor (raised) patio...these had dogs and they brought them water bowls!

                  If you go, go while the weather is good, 'cause otherwise Market street can feel like a wind tunnel!

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                    I saw that too when we were in the area on the weekend, too. I guess dogs are allow on the tables on the sidewalk outside the patio, but not in the heated patio itself.

              2. Sociale in Laurel Heights is dog-friendly and they have a beautiful patio.

                1. Does anyone know if Luna would allow a dog on their heated patio?

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                    I think that they would if it's in a carrier, but I personally think the food there is pretty awful. Though, I have not been in a couple of years, but I haven't heard anything to change my mind.

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                      No..there definitely were dogs there out of the carrier...I also have not been there in years...I never found it bad...it was just sort of "backround food"!

                  2. Not in the Castro, but Flipper's in Haye's Valley has heaters and allows dogs on the patio. It's casual. I think they're burgers, veggie included, are delicious.

                    1. Kookez on 24th (@ Castro) in Noe has a nice back patio on which they allow pups. They really love dogs -- might even offer your hound some scrambled eggs.

                      1. Since we got our pup, we have been working on a website to compile a list of dog-friendly restaurants in the Bay Area. We're far from done but we have some information available right now. So far, there are about 100 restaurants listed for SF. We will add other Bay Area cities soon. Feel free to check it out. Comments and suggestions are welcome.


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                          That's a great site! Thanks so much for putting it together. Kelpie isn't well-behaved enough to eat in public yet (or rather, to lie quietly while I eat), but some day ....

                          1. re: anna

                            Thank you, Anna....love your website....just what I was looking for.

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                              Great website! Thanks!! It didn't have many places listed in Marin...Anyone have any suggestions on pet-friendly restaurants in Marin? Off the top of my head I can think of Fish in Sausalito, but sometimes it's over-crowded on the weekends...All suggestions appreciated!

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                                I was at Left Bank in Larkspur and a couple next to us brought a golden retriever puppy to their table. The pup got his own chair and a little saucer of water out in the open air seating/patio area. I wouldn't say the food is good though. I was there doing a food review. Keep in mind this is chain restaurant, but some people really like this place. It's a nice location on the strip in Larkspur.

                              2. re: anna

                                Hi! Just wanted to say thanks for creating the site! We just got a new puggle and its really helping us find places to go!

                              3. Russian Hill: Boulange de Polk, Rex Cafe, Za pizza, Bell Tower