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Oct 24, 2006 02:40 PM

No Reservationas at Gramercy Tavern


I can't get a reservation for Gramercy Tavern Sunday, November 5th. Can someone recommend another Resatuarant to celebrate my husbands birthday?

Thanks everyone

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  1. Craft and Veritas are in the same area. Personally, I like both of them better than GT.

    1. You might want to try to see what restaurants are available.

      1. I tried open table and they are pretty accurate, no reservations. grrr

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          How about Cru? They often have tables and the restaurant is AMAZING!


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            You should try not just for Gramercy Tavern, but for all restaurants (I just did and there are more than 300 restaurants still available.) There are some very good restaurants listed including one of my favorites: Bouley.

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            1. The original comment has been removed