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Oct 24, 2006 02:39 PM

When a jaw is wired shut... (recipe request)

A friend of mine had a biking accident this past weekend, and has his jaw wired shut for 4-6 weeks.

Lucky for him, his partner used to run her own catering company and is thusly culinarily oriented.

I'd like to drop by their place with a care package, including some recipes for 'thin liquid' food that he can eat. I've searched some previous threads, but none take into account a jaw being wired shut.

Thanks for any recipes you can provide!

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  1. Perhaps a seasonal squash or pumpkin soup would be appreciated. Some apple cider too? If I ever find a recipe for porterhouse puree, I'll let you know :P.

    1. i don't have a recipe but congee would work, ive been able to drink congee using a straw while lying down.

      1. if they're gourmands they may not appreciate this, but when I broke my jaw I started craving beef (of course) so one of my favorite meals was thin beef gravy mixed with soupy mashed potatoes.

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          I did the same thing. By the end of the 6 weeks, I'd put anything in a blender - including eggs and bacon. But I think there is direct correlation between how long your jaw has been wired shut and how adventuresome you're willing to be. In the first week or two, you probably need to keep it traditional.

          1. re: Bluehound

            I ate a rock in Moab mountain biking and had the same issue. At week four it was burritos and hamburgers in blenders.

            Brown shakes are yummy!

            1. re: holy chow

              My boyfriend has had his mouth wired shut for only a week now and he can't get anything even a little solid in. We tried chili and blended it up really liquidy and he kept getting tiny piece of meat stuck. It wouldn't go through his teeth. How were u able to blend up burritos and hamburgers?

            2. re: Bluehound

              I'm interested in knowing why you were wired shut. I'm going on 7 weeks wired shut and would like to hear from someone who has gone through this torture before. Are you back to normal eating and functioning now? I had a bike accident on may 31 and havent eaten since

              1. re: dinobambino

                My son just got carjacked and his jaw was broken in 3 places, they put 2 steel plates in and he's wired shut for at least 8 weeks, any advice on what he can eat through a straw would be appreciated.

                1. re: KarenChang

                  First of all my heart goes out to your son. He has a long haul in front of him. My friends daughter was in a very bad car accident and her jaw was wired for 5 weeks so I will make inquiries for you. I do remember her mom making mac and cheese and putting it in a blender. Jarred baby food, apple sauce, pureed carrots etc. Nutrition and dental hygene is very important. He is not going to be able clean his teeth properly so he may have to rinse with salt and warm water. This will get rid of the milk taste of any foods he drinks. If he can he should brush the front of his teeth after meals. Nutrition is also very important so I recommend smoothies. The choices are unlimited. Fruit to red beets and carrots. The sky is the limit. He has to keep his calories up so don't worry about low fat etc. Yogurt, Sour Cream etc. I will let you know when find out what she at.

            3. re: cgray481

              My son liked the mashed potatoes and beef too.I added sour cream, gravy, shredded cheese and lots of butter. he loved it we also did chunky soup in the blender, its supper quick and easy and gave his some variety

            4. Thank you all for the suggestions. I'll pass these along, as well as some others I have. If there are any more, please keep them coming.

              So much for taffy this Hallowe'en for him...

              1. Not a recipe, but the easiest suggestion I can make -- if he has access to take-out Chinese, egg drop soup is really thick and filling and has protein but goes straight through the wiring.