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Jan 13, 2005 03:38 PM

Best Korean (non BBQ) in East Bay

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Where can I find some real authentic non BBQ Korean food in the East Bay?

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  1. yes, I'd love to know too! I went to New Zealand w/a Korean friend last year and we passed a Korean restaurant. He said it looked authentic and almost everyone in there was Korean so we tried it. No BBQ here at all, just authentic plates of thick soft noodles covered in a hot red sauce and delicious bowls of very spicy soup noodles with seafood. Oh it was delicious. I hope someone can recommend something similar in the bay area.

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      There is a Korean noodle house on the east side of Telegraph at the corner of either 43rd or 44th Street in Oakland. It is in the same mini-mall as Koryo but is next to Telegraph, at the west end of the mall. I have not yet eaten there and do not know the name of it, but I have passed it many times and the menu is mostly noodle dishes with different sauces. The prices are low and it is open for lunch and dinner.

      I do like the soups at Seoul Gom Tang II on the northwest corner of MacArthur (38th St) and Telegraph. The Ginseng Chicken with garlic ($12) is interesting.

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        The place you are talking about is Yet Nal Za Zang. They serve Korean-Chinese food there, mostly jajang noodles. Cheap and good, although their poached dumplings are the thing to get.


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          Wow, Thanks sooo much for the great tips! Really, my mom's going to flip. She loves watching Korean soap operas (dubbed in chinese) and is now so interested in trying some of the foods she sees them eating in the shows. I'm going to take her to the Korean strip! She makes kimchi at home and its delicious, we need more kimchi paste though so maybe we can get it there. Thanks again, I'm sure we'll make a trip out there this weekend!

    2. There's a lot in Oakland on the "Korean strip", between 35th and 45th on Telegraph.

      Places that get a lot of mention here are:
      Sahn Maru, Telegraph and 43rd.
      Koryo, Telegraph and 45th.
      Sam Won, Telegraph and 26th (although that's more BBQ style)
      Jong Ga, on Grand near Staten.

      There are a few tofu houses and other places I'm sure I've missed -- those are the four I'm most familiar with. But I cannot vouch for authenticity.