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Oct 24, 2006 01:44 PM

Private Party Sunday Buffet for 40 in Medford, Somerville or Close???

Need private space in Medford, Somerville, Malden, Lex, Arlington, Woburn or Winchester on a Sunday @ 3pm who can accomodate about 40 for a buffet. Not too spendy. Not Bertucci's. This is for a Christening and there will be children and adults. TIA for any ideas.

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  1. Have you tried Cafe Lantana on Salem Street? The room is divided into two and could accomodate a private party in the "back" room. Food is good and generally the specials are great. Although I'm not sure you'd get a buffet.

    1. Try Bambinos or Tiki Island. Friends just had a christening at Tiki this weekend. I prefer Bambinos and they have that seperate room for functions.

      1. I like Bambino's too for something like this.

        If you are interested in Brazilian food Oasis Restaurant now has a function room which can hold at least 35 and can definately do a buffet. I would ask them to get some "party salgados" for the kids. The one downside is that is probably their busiest time of the week and sometimes I have seen their quality slip when its busy.

        I think Guiseppe's Kitchen in West Medford would close for a party that size, but dunno about what they would offer for a buffet (similar food to the paddock and they have more than just pizza).

        Something Savory in Arlington does a lot of catering, but I think the party might be too large for the space (especially if you want sit down). Downside, I find their catering prices "spendy." Tu y Yo seems a bit more reasonable and that might be good timing for them (brunch ends at 2), but not certain how many they can seat.

        In East Cambridge -- Sunset Cafe does parties this size regularly, but does not have a private room (they partition off part of the dining room). Portugalia can offer a private room (although for something like this I would prefer the food from Sunset or catering from JJ's).

        Bocelli's in Medford has a nice downstairs, but don't know about buffet offerings or if they would close it.

        If you could get a room at the church, get catering from either Bob's in Medford, Vinny's in Somerville, or Izzy's puerto rican.

        I haven't been to the new Kelly's in Medford, but have heard its somewhat spiffy. Perhaps they have a private room.

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          Something Savory would be way too small I think. I've been to a meeting w/buffet downstairs at Bocelli's. Parking stinks though, Oasis customers take all the on-street.