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Oct 24, 2006 01:14 PM

Yellowfin Steak and Fish House

Can anyone give me the low down on this place. It's in Edgewater on Solomons Island Road.

Prices, quality, worth it, dress code, reservations needed?

Thanks in advance. It's for DH 44th birthday dinner and we were looking for something new.

This is what the Baltimore Sun reported (which I always take with a grain of salt):

This second runner-up for the Restaurant Association of Maryland's 2003 Diners Choice Award may be a little pricey, but, if you like steak and seafood, it's worth it. You can't go wrong with the crab cakes, and carnivores will salivate over the porterhouse. The Drunken Blue Crab soup has a lot of kick with whiskey as a surprise flavoring. The sushi bar is really more of a raw bar, but the selections are tasty. The creme brulee is the house's specialty dessert, and chocoholics may get lightheaded over the Chocolate Confusion.

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  1. The restaurant is in a great location overlooking the water. they've done a great job on the interior and bar area is very hip, crowded and good for happy hour drinks and appetizers. Then there's the food. It's not all that expensive, but I've been a number of times and they are consistently mediocre across the board -- regularly overcooking fish, which you'd think they'd have down in a place called "Yellow Fin". In spite of this I'd go back because I like the spot -- but my wife won't, because she hates the food. This is a fairly common view in and around Annapolis.

    1. I've been here on a few occasions and agree with the previous poster about the decor and the beautiful location on the water. However, I take issue with the knowledge that this is a mediocre restaurant and a commonly held view by Annapolitans. As a lifelong area resident, and someone who actually worked for the manager of this restaurant for a few years, I happen to know a number of people who love to go there for happy hour and for other special occasions because they genuinely enjoy themselves there. As someone who isn't thrilled with the dining scene in the area, it is what it is. No one in Annapolis is setting the culinary world on fire - not Yellowfin or anyone else for that matter. I like their brunch and actually highly recommend it. It's your typical Annapolis spot - nothing special on the culinary spectrum, but then again nothing else is either! And the staff certainly knows how to take care of people, the manager wouldn't have it any other way!

      1. I agree that the food is mediocre at best. The same people own and run Buddy's, notoriously known as perhaps the worst restaurant in Annapolis. Yellowfin is just a little more upscale and expensive. If you must eat seafood in Annapolis I suggest O'leary's in Eastport although I haven't been in over a year. I'm glad to hear people critical of Annapolis dining. The last time I criticized this town's restaurants in general I got numerous people disagreeing and praising this restaurant and that. You know what, they all still pretty much suck, even the newer ones like Kyma and Metropolitan. Just my own thoughts.

        1. Yes - mediocre to decent food with a nice view. Half price apps at happy hour is a steal. It's definitely cheaper than overpriced, in-town options like Rockfish.

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            Thanks for the feedback folks! I was hoping it got better reviews, but alas, I kind of thought it might not be that great. I was just hoping for something new and different. Gads, I miss NYC. If we do wind up there, I will post a review. I still have a few days to figure out a place to celebrate.

          2. Goldie raises a very good point that I talked about earlier, here and that is why can't we get some decent restaurants in the Annapolis area? It's so bad that my husband and I have actually talked about opening our own place someday!

            My rule is that I never cook on friday nights and each and every time we debate which place we can go to that either isn't going to break the bank or isn't the typical burger and fry joint either.

            I agree about the inclusion of O'Leary's as one of the few excellent options, but it's pretty pricey and most of the time I'm just looking for a decent, preferably ethnic meal on a friday that isn't going to kill me financially or it's a place where I can take my two year old. I'm amazed with such a well traveled, affluent populace, restauranteurs have not provided us with better options at this point. It's always an Irish bar, burger joint or something with seafood.

            As for Kyma, I don't like having to pay extra for bread when I order garlic shrimp. I can get everything cheaper at Jaleo here in DC, and it's a lot better.

            I do like Joss Cafe though for sushi - again, another rare exception in a list of not very appealing choices. My friends and family gripe about this every week so I know I'm not alone. Thanks Goldie for saying what many have been saying for a long time!