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Oct 24, 2006 12:53 PM

Sel de la Terre - what happened?

I was at Sel de la Terre Saturday night. We were told that we were "early" for our 8 o'clock reservation, it was 7:55 and told we could wait in the bar. I asked if the wait would be 5 minutes or 25 minutes (I was willing to eat in the bar if the wait was long) and was told not to worry it would just be a few minutes. At 9 o'clock we sat down. I looked around the room and realized that had three parties of 12 or more and 3 parties of 6. No wonder they had trouble managing reservations.

I had the mushroom soup which was so salty I couldn't taste anything else and our server steered me away from the swordfish to the chicken which was as bland as bland could be. The leg and thigh came with the skin on and the breast was a hunk of white meat on the plate - and tasted just like it looked. My companion' pumpkin ravioli had so much allspice in them you couldn't taste anything else. Her salad was good and the bread was excellent as was the goat cheese spread. However, don't think I will be back any time soon.

Would like to hear about other recent experiences. I liked it in the past.

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  1. I eat there about six times a year and have had only one bad meal in five years. I think your experience is not at all typical of the norm. I would call them, relate your story, and then give it another shot.

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      I agree w/ Winemark; last time I was there, a couple months ago, it was enjoyable as always.

    2. If you want to try the best of what their kitchen can deliver at half the price, go for lunch. The steak and fish entrees are always fabulous. They are rarely more than half full at lunch, you don't need reservations, and their kitchen is not overwhelmed, thus great food. Dinner can be hit or miss.

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      1. Don't know if it's just a coincidence, but on a recent dinner at Sel, it was a zoo, packed with large parties. The service seemed to be rushing us through our meal just to get us the hell out of there. I wasn't that impressed with my dinner, and neither were my friends. It was easily the most underwhelming meal I've ever had at a place that has been consistently good over the years. It was a little chastening; I have only been back for lunch and brunch since.