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Oct 24, 2006 12:53 PM

Where to buy fondant

A friend of mine is trying to find fondant in small quantities for a 13-year old who is learning to decorate cakes. Can anybody recommend a good baking supply store, preferably in the Long Beach area, or south of downtown LA toward Orange County? Surfas comes to mind, of course, and I've told her about that, but it's in the other direction and I don't know if they only sell it in larger bulk. They were looking for some pink fondant to decorate cupcakes and the idea of buying a big tub of white fondant and tinting it was looking a little daunting.

Sarah C

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  1. Michael's (yes, the arts and crafts chain store) carries the Wilton brand of fondant in less daunting quantities. There's probably one near you. They also have a huge selection of cake decorating supplies.

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      I second this rec. When I was in on Saturday, they seemed to have several small packages in various colors.

    2. Not that it's near where you want it to be, but Glorias on Sawtelle @ Venice Bl. has all colors in small quanities.

      Try searching for cake decorating supplies in your area...if you have'nt already.

      1. If your friend does buy a big tub, she can always take out what she needs tinted and used for this project and save the rest for some other baked good down the road.

        But yes, Michael's does sell fondant (I believe only white though--) Could also check online to see if there are already-pink ones out there. G'luck


        1. Conveniently east of Long Beach, on Valley View around Lampson:

          Classic Cake Decorations
          Phone: 714-894-1100
          12530 Valley View St
          GardenGrove CA 92845