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Oct 24, 2006 08:54 AM


I have a recipe for tuile biscuits that calls for glucose - any ideas where I can buy it? (London, UK) Or could I substitute light corn syrup?

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  1. Yes, corn syrup is mostly glucose.

    1. In Canada, glucose is sold in pharmacies.

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      1. re: FlavoursGal

        Yeah, they sell glucose in tubes, like a gel form, for diabetics to quickly ingest if their sugar drops. My husband has some, but he's never had to use them -- I think it's flavored, kind of like cake icing in a tube.

        I can't IMAGINE trying to cook anything with it. I'd definitely try corn syrup instead.

      2. Glucose is a common ingredient in candymaking.

        Any store that sells candymaking/sugarpaste or "industrial strength" cake decorating supplies will surely have it.

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        1. re: MikeG

          Yeah, cake decorating stores. Or any bakery that makes fancy decorated cakes could maybe sell you some.

        2. Hmm I go along with the cake decorating supplier people and had I the time I'd try the crowd I use for cake boards and things I would but... I need it on Thursday and can't get to that place until Saturday as it is rather out of the way (Bromley). If anyone can think of a supplier like that in (Central) London then please shout now! I've had no joy with google!

          Meantime am going to check exactly how much I need and try the pharmacy route!
          Thanks for your help.

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          1. re: ali patts

            Since you probably cannot get corn syrup use Lyle's Golden syrup.

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              To anyone looking for corn syrup in London, try Selfridges food hall. I have a bottle in the cupboard but woefully few uses! I think golden syrup would have too much flavour and would cover the sesame and poppy seed flavour.

              1. re: ali patts

                Lyle's is made from cane sugar so it will be sucrose. I suspect that the recipe requires glucose for structure.

          2. Is there some kind of business directory, in print or online? In the US it'd be called the "yellow pages" - like a phone directory, but it lists businesses by category, rather than by name.