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Oct 24, 2006 06:28 AM

Best Lunch Spot on Third Street?

I'm taking my mom to Third Street (near La Cienega) for the first time for lunch tomorrow... where's the best place to go? I've tried Joan's and Doughboys. Of all of them on that street, which would you most strongly recommend??

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  1. Tasca is a great little tapas place on third, just down the street from Dough Boys.

    1. If you're insistent on staying on Third Street where those cute shops are, then I would go with Joan's. However, if you're willing to drive over to Robertson/Third, behind Cedars Sinai, then go to BreadBar. I think it's better than Doughboys and it's at least the equal of Joan's. Though my wife prefers the setup of BreadBar because you have waiters, you don't have the same crowds, and the inside area is more pleasant to eat.

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        i will definitely check out BreadBar from your suggestion, thanks!

      2. More expensive than Joan's & Dough Boys but you asked for the "best" on 3rd, and a strong candiadte would be Locanda Venta for Northern Italian/Venetian.

        Locanda Venta
        8638 W. Third St.
        (310) 274-1893

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          very nice... i think i will save this place for dinner rather than lunch! thanks for the rec

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            How about LA TERZA on the other end of 3d Street?

        2. Joan's is great food, and if you like sitting on the sidewalk...

          Doughboys, Toast, Who's on Third, the other one closer to Crescent Heights(Real Food?)- are all OK, interchangeable, nothing I couldn't make as well at home

          BreadBar is Terrific!!! but not in the walking cute store area

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            ooh, that's huge for me-- i measure a good restaurant as someplace that serves food that i wouldn't make or of a style that i wouldn't think of putting together at home. and honestly, i wasn't very impressed with joan's the time i was there. delicious... but i could put good goat cheese on some greens and call that a salad too.

            and come on, my chowhound friends.... OF COURSE i would find some way to get to BreadBar with your lovely recommendations! never mind cute shops! ;) thanks mucho

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              I say Toast if it's a nice day. It's probably not the best food on 3rd, but it is really good, and you'll probably see some celeb, and the price isn't crazy.

              Try the tortilla soup (one of the best I've had) and the breakfast pasta is really good too. They have a really good fruit cup you can get with any meal (instead of fries, a salad...) I'd go with a soup and 1/2 sandwich.

              Doughboy's is good too if you're really hungry. The soups are huge!

            2. There's also Little Next Door now. They just opened a couple weeks ago between Dougbhoys and Little Door. It's in the French bakery/cafe vein, kind of pricey for what it is, but very very impressive. They have sandwiches, Joan's-like deli salads, fresh bread, terrines/pate, cheeses, gorgeous baked goods, wine, chocolate, etc. The style is really pretty and Frenchy -- lots of attention to detail (a la Susina) -- beautiful plates, one wall lined with wine, one wall lined with homey jars of confits, preserves, etc. (all very expensive). I had some sort of pastry filled with wild mushrooms -- delicious, truffley, buttery. The sidewalk patio is perfect on a sunny day.