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Oct 24, 2006 06:16 AM

what's your send back policy?

Generally, if I don't like a dish (not because of taste but because of poor preparation or ingredients) I just don't eat it (of course it frustrates me.) and then just don't go back. Do you send back dishes?

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  1. i send back hamburgers that should be medium rare when they come out too well done. also, anything that should be served piping hot that comes out lukewarm --- i know that things cool down pretty quickly, but when i order hot soup, i at least want it to start out hot when i get it.

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    1. re: mshpook

      Oh, you lucky... We can't get medium rare here. We can't get anything but well-done, thanks to the whole e.coli Jack in the Box scare from years ago. In NC, it's illegal to serve ground beef done any way other than "lump of coal". Have to cook them at home now.

    2. I only send back stuff that is not cooked as I asked, made with something that has gone off, or corked wines.

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      1. re: steamer

        ok, in all honesty I send back corked wine too.

      2. Of course, for improper preparation/quality. There are victims and there are volunteers. Don't volunteer.

        1. I send back things that are prepared incorrectly. In the summer I sent back my burger because the bun was remarkably stale.
          If I just plain don't like it, I'll choke it down or not eat it. I generally won't return.


          1. I generally do not return an item unless it is the wrong dish or there is mayo after I specified no mayo please.