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Oct 24, 2006 04:32 AM

ISO Asian groceries on the UES.

Are there any stores on the Upper East Side with a decent selection of jarred kimchi, Japanese noodles, Thai curry pastes, Chinese cooking sauces, things of that ilk? (A search in the archives brought up Katagiri on 59th, but I'm wondering whether there's anything north of that and not exclusively Japanese.)

If this simply doesn't exist on the UES, please recommend another such emporium elsewhere in Manhattan. I don't need way specific items, so hope not to have to trek all the way to Chinatown. (Please forgive my unchowish indolence here.)

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  1. I live on the UES and as far as I know, Katagiri is the closest option. It's a little more expensive (and smaller) than the shops down around Astor, but it's closer (obviously), and is where I go for my Japanese food needs ...

    1. So... if no such place exists -- would someone please recommend a place (in Koreatown?) for big, fresh jars of kimchi?