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Oct 24, 2006 04:08 AM

Bakeries or Coffee Houses in Sonoma

I'll be staying at the Lodge in Sonoma in a few weeks, and I'm looking for the best place to drive to pick up coffee and breakfast pastries and fruit in Sonoma, close to the hotel. Fig Market looks like it's only a few miles away, so that's an option. Any other ideas from Chowhounds out there?

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  1. Basque Boulangerie - (707) 935-7687 - 460 1st St

    Has the widest selection of pastry, most of which are rather commercial (canned filling in the danish, etc.) but can be pretty good. Coffee is miserable

    Fiorini - 248 west Napa St

    Opened by a baker from Victoria Pastry. Some of the Italian specialties are pretty good - torta della nonna, torta di riso, various crostate. Mainstream breakfast pastries (read "Danish")are disappointing. Coffee is, sadly, weak.

    Artisan Bakers - 939-1765 - 750 W Napa St.

    Probably the most Chowish of the bakeries - real fruit in the Danish, good quality chocolate in Pain au chocolat, and the coffee is strong and well made.

    Barking Dog Coffee - In the Sonoma Marketplace across from Fiorini

    Carries Artisan Bakers pastry, and coffee which they roast, is pretty good. The only place I'd order an espresso drink in town.

    Homegrown Bagels - near Long's in the Sonoma Marketplace

    Bagels that soar over most of the garbage slung around Manhattan. This place really deserves a mention on this board. Coffee, flavored with cinnamon, is sort of a local acquired taste.

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      I agree. The fig pantry sells their bagel. I read the owner learned to make them in Israel, but not sure what the bagel situation is in Israel.

      La Salette does breakfast a few days of the week. Much of the stuff from the wood-fired oven is very good.

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        Wow, these bagels sound great! Since DH is a native new yawker, we'll have to give this place a try on our next trip up. Thanks for the tip. Something similar to that cinnamon coffee is also served at the Alemany farmer's market on Saturdays. I have to say that (cafe de olla) plus a pain au chocolat from Panorama bakery make for a very happy morning stroll.

      2. Sorry, missed the request for fruit. Sonoma Market is your best bet. There is a regular farmer's market just off the plaza on Friday mornings