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Oct 24, 2006 03:28 AM

Denver Treats

My friend is going to Denver, and I always ask my friends to get me something extra special wherever they go, it could be hot food, snacks, candy, packaged goods, treats, anything... So what is Denver known for? And where should I go get it?

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  1. Considering most hot food isn't going to keep very well in a styrofoam container for their trip, the only "packaged goods" I can think that would be fun would be picking up something on the Celestial Seasons tour (in Boulder) or at the Coors brwery (in Golden). Speaking of a Denver food, anyone got a take on the best "Denver Omelette" in Denver?

    1. No help on what to bring home. Celestial Seasonings tea is a good idea. Maybe a micro brew?

      I like Dozens Denver Omelet

      1. Enstroms Toffee (pretty much available anywhere, but they have a store in Cherry Creek North - on Josephine right across from the Whole Foods) is pretty wonderful. It is butter based, so should stay refrigerated somewhat, but it travels pretty well (as long as it doesn't spend days in a hot trunk or something).

        1. Check out my profile for my favorite eating spots around Denver. Hammond's Candy Factory in North Denver is a good place to pick up moveable treats. Also Peaberry's Coffee is a must.