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Oct 24, 2006 02:44 AM

Thanksgiving in Hong Kong

First time to Hong Kong and plan to eat myself silly. Have looked over the board and see some ideas for other days, but Thanksgiving Day I'm looking for something nice. No, I don't neccessarily want the American turkey (but will take any ideas on traditional US Thanksgiving meals in Hong Kong). For Thanksgiving Day itself what we are really looking for is a great place to have excellent food, perhaps some nice wine, and perhaps goose or duck dushes (can't NOT have poultry on Thanksgiving!). I have seen Yung Kee (Wellington Street) reviewed positively, is it huge and noisy? Are there places that have a bit more intimacy and style, but also excellent food? What about Bo Innovation?

On other days I am considering some places people mentioned here:
Da Ping Huo
Yellow Door Kitchen
Fai Kee (on Sai Kung)

Any help appreciated. Promise to report back.

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  1. Yung kee is truly fab but check out the chaxiu bao blog April 22 2006.

    BTW The China thing is not intimate, forget the tourist and guay lo places check out the cha xiu site go for the real deal.

    1. we had decided on three restaurants that we wanted to book in advance of our trip to hong hong-- aqua for the views, shui hu ju for the great reviews, and m-on-the-fringe for good food in a cozy atmosphere. as this'll be the first time in 5 years that i haven't thrown a thanksgiving dinner in london, i thought m-on-the-fringe sounded just the ticket for our meal on thanksgiving-- it gets great reviews, looks cozy and different and not as bustling as some places, and the menu looks great.

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        hello, going to hong kong for thanksgiving, and curious as to what your holiday experience was like?

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          As a somewhat related note is there a restaurant/private kitchen in town that is does traditional American thanksgiving dinners for a group?

          1. re: big_apple_ken

            There's a place called Fat Angelo's that has a pretty good reputation for a generous thanksgiving dinner. Ate there a few years ago and remember it as good value -- NOT GOURMET -- but decent and plenty of food. I remember there was no problem getting extra helpings of mashed potatoes. I think they have 2 or 3 branches in hk.

            1. re: roadwarrior39

              Thanks! I was more thinking of a private kitchen option since I'm not particular looking for a chain restaurant like Fat Angelo's..