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Oct 24, 2006 02:26 AM

Organic/Local Dallas

Am moving back to Dallas after being in Boston for 4 years.
Any restaurant recommendations for good organic food/local produce?
I'm guessing that York St. still tops out.
Anything new that I might not know about yet?

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  1. The only organic restaurant I'm familiar with is Nikolini Cafe on McKinney Ave in Dallas. I've been for brunch and it's quite tasty. Website:

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      I wanted so badly to like Nikolini Cafe, because I'm a believer in organics and I practically lived next door to it. But the one time I had dinner there, the service was terrible, the food was average, and the portions were really small. I would be willing to try it again... anyone care to convince me? Were they having an off-night or did I order the wrong thing?

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        interference, i would say you got it right. those folks are nice, and they mean well, but that place is bleh. bleh bordering on awful

        i'll offer an offbeat suggestion which isn't a la-dee-da place but they're trying to do something cool and that's Snappy Salads at preston & forest. it's kindof a high-end souper salad (but not so trough-like, and with wraps and other items), from an ex-brinker guy. they use ingredients like grilled salmon, and they try to go all-organic or local in their produce. they're very environmentally conscious - all of the dishware is decomposable, even the paint on the walls is nontoxic.


    2. It's been over a year since I've been, there - I was even thinking about going back. Maybe now I won't.

      I remember that we had pretty good service, but we were also the only people there. The waitress (owner?) was very nice and offered to create a special brunch meal for us that had a variety of vegetarian and meat dishes. The portions were not big, but with the variety of items it was more than enough food. It wasn't the best Greek food I've ever had, but it was good. I do remember they had a delicious untraditional Baklava that was almost fluffy.

      I also remember that the owner was outside near a grill smoking/grilling an octopus. That intrigued me to return, but I just never did.

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        well if you do go back, maybe you'll share an update

      2. There is a pretty good list of organic/local producers on the Slow Food Dallas website.

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