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This restaurant has probably been discussed before, but I just noticed the other day that a Chutzpah! has opened up at Tysons Corner, across Leesburg Pike from the mall. To those of you who've eaten at other locations, what are/were your impressions of the place?

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  1. I think the only other location is fairfax near the fair oaks mall. Good. I usually get the peppered turkey (someone's brother - Moeshe?) and I like it. Huge portions. I go out of my way for Pomodorro's though anymore than I do for Chutzpah, but I like that it's there.

    1. Pastrami is much better than corned beef, but I have to say I was crazy about the fuhgeddaboudit sandwich which is a preposterous, delicious concoction. Generally very good food here.

      1. Probably one of the better delis in the area. Better serving size than Celebrity or Woodside, better quality and service than Krupins. The Fuhgeddaboudit is excellent, with an extra shmear or chopped liver. Not as fond of the whitefish or the nova lox, though. Sandwiches are recommended.

        1. Good choice for breakfast. I generally get The Oops, which is lox, eggs, and onions AND matzo brei mixed together. It's big and good.

          The kasha varnishkes is good, the kishka not so good (Ok, expecting good kishka in Virginia is probably trying to go a bridge too far). Good pickle bowl on the table too, which they will refill as often as you want.

          The fries are a surprisingly good accompaniment to most meals.

          1. based on the sterns recommendation and other good postings, I went this weekend for brunch with the wife and 8 other friend. We order a lot of different items and here are some of my thoughts.

            Perhaps my expectations were set high but this place is good but no where close to great.

            The highlights are as follows:

            -they give you free pickles and coleslaw: This is by far the highlight. The slaw was amazing the the full sours were excellent. The half sours were pretty good. I could eat those too things with a slice of bread and would have been completely happy.

            -Noodle Kugle was smooth rich and sweet. Excellent flavor and texture.

            -Tongue was the star of all the meats I've tried. Really nice flavor, tender and juicy.

            -potato latke was crisp and flavorful.

            Low points were:
            -matzo ball soup: came out cool to luke warm (4 orders). Even when they heated it (i.e., microwaved it) the soup had no body and the matzo ball itself was all wrong in texture. It was almost crumbly in texture. Really bad.

            -Pastrami and brisket: I ordered it Juicy and the waitress looked at me like I was speaking martian. The meat was not tough, it held its shape loosly and fell about with little effort, but it was dry. A total dissappointment. I wish I had just stuck with the tongue.

            The rest of the stuff was pretty average.

            1. I had a good experience there. Up against the delis I was used to in L.A., it was just above average/good. Nothing to scream about, but what do you want for NOVA?

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                Complaining about the quality of delis in NoVA is like complaining about the lousy Greek food they have in Bangalore.

              2. I had to try this for lunch because I really liked the breakfast I had there. I had the pastrami on rye and chicken soup. It was okay, but not worth the special trip. I had higher expectations since breakfast was good. Both times the service was incredibly slow, though(Fair Lakes location). It should have taken no time at all to dish up 2 soups and 2 half pastrami sandwiches (as my husband put it, they only had to cut the sandwich in half) but it took 20 minutes and the place was pretty empty when we arrived, only one other table with people. I will definitely go back for breakfast, will hesitate for lunch.

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                  I tried the breakfast yesterday. Scrambled eggs, corned beef hash, plain bagel, coffee. Coffee was burnt, the bagel had an odd english muffinny texture, the hash came out of a can. But THE worst part were, well, I hesitate to call them "eggs." The color was an off-white grey with no yellow at all. The texture was like a cross between foam rubber and a denser nylon weatherstripping. It was literally a bubbled sheet on top of the corned beef. It didn't even have the flavor of the premixed egg product that comes in the servo bags that they put on Mcdonalds breakfast sandwiches. Unbelievably weird experience, like chewing on a really soft and spongy flipflop or beach sandal.

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                    guess the greek food in bangalor is pretty lousy.

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                      Almost as bad as the tandoori in tripoli.

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                        But is it as bad a Palek Panir in Paris?

                        Sorry to hear you had a bad experience. Which one did you go to? We've been to the one in Fairlakes. I really liked the oops (scrambled eggs, lox, caramelized onions, crushed matzoh). I can't remember what others had, other than bacon which was good but everyone really liked their main courses. I do remember the bagels being nothing to write home about, especially since they were supposed to be shipped in from NY. I thought the eggs were good but I've never had foam rubber crossed with dense nylon weatherstripping and, who knows, maybe I'd like that, too...

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                          This was at Fairlakes. The oddest part is that I've had eggs over easy there before and they were just fine. Maybe they screwed up and go that last batch from the weatherstripping bin in the fridge?

                          I'll stick with the corned beef and chopped liver next time I'm out there, but I have no idea when that will be. Deli City is still my go-to place for overstuffed sandwiches.

                2. I went to Chutzpah for brunch today after reading the positive reviews from various people. My impressions were less than impressed. The restaurant was cold. As for the food, it was fair but nothing outstanding. My meal was small and tasted like it was not fully cooked. My friend's meal was fair and was falling off the plate. The service was less than thrilling. I had to request jam twice and was finally given a small bowl with syrup, butter and two small jams of different flavors. We never were given the pickles though everyone around us was given a bowl. Next time I am in the mood for a NY deli style brunch, I am going to Parkway.

                  1. I am not a fan at all.