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Oct 24, 2006 01:23 AM

III Forks (AUS)

I saw an add in the Sunday paper that III Forks will be opening tomorrow. They opened in Dallas right after I left and for some time took the top steakhouse spot from Del Frisco (pre-Double Eagle, I think). Of course, I can find their menu online but would like to know what we should expect. I'm excited and really looking forward to this opening!!!

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  1. If its anything like the Dallas location, their service will be top notch. It is pricy but well worth it. One thing I noticed is that they do try to sell you every single side item on the menu. Family style sides are available.

    1. Do you know where in Austin they are opening at?

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        I think it's the 2nd street area... not much advertising that I can find.

      2. Sunday I saw the ad in the paper and walked past after eating at Las Manitas. They are at Lavaca and Cesar Chavez right across from City Hall with the entrance off Lavaca. The windows were all covered and they were working on their entrance. I'd be a bit surprised if they are opening today (Tuesday) unless it is a very soft opening.

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          1. Just thought I'd post an update.

            We ate at III Forks on Saturday night. I called ahead Saturday afternoon for a reservation and they were able to get us a table (unlike Lambert's, which is saying they need 5 days notice!). At any rate, we were happy with our experience. The waiter was efficient and friendly, the rest of the staff seemed eager to be of assistance and the atmosphere was both jovial and relaxing -- it's a bit noisy near the bar due to piano music, but it's not too bad farther into the dining room area.

            The steak was excellent. We ordered a filet and a New York strip. Both were cooked perfectly and had the flavor of prime beef. The sides, which were included in the cost of the entree were adequate-- mashed potatoes and sweet peas. I ate a few bites of them, but they might as well have left them off since the beef was centerstage. I would have rather paid extra for some fries, but I didn't see any on the menu.