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White Castle [split from discussion on General Chowhounding Topics board]

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Please do not throw carnage at the originator of fast food hamburgers, White Castle Rocks. Cooked on onions, one side only, wholes to let the onion steam through, and buns that suck up all that onion steam.

Started eatingthem when they were 8-cents each. Still love them. The frozen ones are noth the same.

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  1. Don't like WC. I'm a Krystal's guy myself.

    Buy 'em buy the sack.


    1. Prefer Little Tavern Burgers myself. Wish there were more little burger places.

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        Me too. In college I was so happy when I discovered Little Tavern across the street, it quickly became my favorite late night dining. Unfortunately the one in Baltimore is not as good.

        The frozen White Castle burgers aren't too bad, not as good as the fresh ones or Little Tavern, but they will satisfy the craving for me. My parents still tell stories of how they would gets sacks of White Castle burgers on their way back from class.

        A few years back they opened up a White Castle in my area and the dirve thru line was so long it backed up the local road.

      2. I've only had White Castle burgers twice, but I love them. There's just something about the steamed burger with the onions. And the size...maybe it's just me, but a burger tastes different when it's so small it could fit on a dinner roll. We've started making mini burgers at home because of White Castle.

        1. love white castles - but they don't love me. i get a stomach ache every time i eat, but sometimes just can't stop myself even knowing i will get indigestion. we call them belly bombers!

          1. I dream about White Castle -- at least twice in the past couple of months.

            In the first dream, I put in my standard order of three "White Castles" (hamburgers) and three "cheeseburgers." The White Castles are the usual ones, but the cheeseburgers are ordinary full-size cheeseburgers. A nightmare, I tell you!

            In the more recent dream (which I didn't remember until I started writing about the first one), I forget to ask for ketchup/pickle/mustard -- as I have done more than once -- and I not only don't get those items, but for some reason my burgers come with *lettuce*. Ugh.

            Perhaps I wouldn't be so obsessed if I now lived anywhere near a White Castle.

            1. Is there a difference between the flavor of a krystals and a white castle? I love both, but have only gotten to have them when traveling through an area, as I've never lived near an outlet.

              1. Here's somebody's take on that question:

                My experience was that the Krystal burgers were also very good, with their fluffier bun being the main difference.

                1. I'm so annoyed there is no White Castle in Philadelphia. I am sure I saw one when I first moved here but it most have closed shortly thereafter.

                  I lived a block away from one in Jersey City (and for a while there were two side by side as they built one and tore down the other). I loved the cheese burgers and the fish sandwiches too.

                  Which reminds me. Did anyone see that movie "Harold and Kumar go to White Castle"? They were supposed to be in Hoboken and yet they drove all the way to South Jersey for White Castle. I kept thinking "all they had to do was go to Jersey City". Then again, there wouldn't have been much of a movie in that.

                  Highly recommended film.

                  1. love em!! Sadly living in Portland OR there is not a white castle for many many miles...and the frozen dont exactly taste the same

                    1. LOVE them!!! One of my "must haves" when I travel back to Chicago.

                      1. Just went to the White Castle web site to see where in chicago, philly and boston i can find my childhood memory and I had a bit of a shock.

                        THEY CALL THEM SLYDERS WITH A "Y" AND NOT AN "I".

                        Has anyone ever seen this before

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                        1. re: jfood

                          They call them slyders because they slyde right in , then they slyde right back out again. (the other end)

                          1. re: atomicdogs

                            Undrstand the concept, but after 40 years of calling them a slider, not a slyder, I notice on their web site the compny calls them slyder with a "y".

                            What's up with the y instead of an i?

                        2. When I gotta have em, 6 doubles w/ jalepeno, ff, large pepsi,drive thru and finish em up before I get home...

                          1. Doesn't anyone else remember the ORIGINAL White Castle burgers?

                            They were made with fresh beef and fresh onions before they switched to the frozen patties and the dehydrated onions. Mmmmm.

                            Today's White Castle product is no comparison.

                              1. It was so long ago that I don't remember the exact date. I would estimate it to be in the 1930s, before most of you guys were born. What I do remember is that I was so disgusted with the taste of the frozen meat and the dehydrated onions that I gave up on White Castle sliders. I still make
                                my own version of the originals at home.

                                Wikipedia describes the process but gives no date for the switch.
                                Does anyome have a clue as to the date?

                                1. Okay

                                  So on the way down to the inlaws, we had WC's for lunch. Then today we had Krystals for lunch.

                                  No comparison. Hands down Krystals beats WC's any day.


                                  1. For anyone interested there is a passable recipe posted on thatsmyhome.com. Search sliders

                                    1. Why doesn’t Boston have a White Castle restaurant? We at Shandeh.com are trying to make the case for it !

                                      Boston’s Kenmore Square area would be a perfect location for a White Castle restaurant. The area is swarming with college students. At around 70 cents for a hamburger and 90 cents for a cheeseburger, college kids would flock to a White Castle both during the week and weekends.

                                      If located close to Fenway Park, there will be no shortage of patrons looking for a quick bite to eat before and after the game. No matter how much people eat or drink at the park or any of the bars around Fenway Park, they will have room for a sack of Belly Bombers for the way home.

                                      ( read More at http://shandeh.com/?p=957)