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Oct 24, 2006 12:54 AM

DC chowhound in Long Island-seeking advice

I'm going to be in Long Island (never been there). I'm going to somewhere called islandia. Would appreciate any recommendations...

I can eat anything but partial to good ethic places.

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  1. Well, couple suggestions:

    In the Islandia Center on Rte. 454, just south of the Long Island Expressway, there's serviceable thai (Thai Angel) very good sushi (Takara) and not-so-good Chinese buffet. If you head north on Rte. 454 about 2 miles to the intersection with Rte 347, then head east, there's the best sushi on Long Island in the first shopping center on your right (Kotobuki - the big red neon sign just says "Sushi.") This place is truly excellent, ranked #1 by Zagats for all Long Island restaurants, for what that's worth.

    If you head west on the LIE to exit 49, then go north on Rte. 110 about ten minutes, there's a number of very good ethnic (mexican, salvadoran, greek) in Huntington Station - just do a search on the board. Best is authentic mexican - Fonda Coyocan.

    Farmingdale is east - exit 62 - and has some portugese options, although nothing there really knocks my socks off.

    For excellent, old-style Italian, go to Mario on Motor Parkway.

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    1. re: Lono37

      i believe thats farmingville on exit 62. farmingdale is
      SW of Islandia.

    2. That's right. I always get them mixed up.

      1. Just out of curiosity- how mobile are you? If you don't mind travelling a half hour, or maybe a bit more, there are some great places to hit in Hicksville:
        and a really nice Peruvian Rotisserie place in Glen Cove (La Caravana), just as examples.

        1. Find any diner! Long Island is the best place in the world for them! (well, maybe second to north jersey).

          1. Haven't been yet, but looking forward to, Maureen's Kitchen in Smithtown, just a bit north of Islandia. I hear nothing but very high praise for the breakfasts (especially) and lunches.