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Oct 23, 2006 04:03 PM

What are sliders? [moved from Ontario board]

Please define 'slider.' I've never heard of this before.

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  1. A "slider" (or "Slyder") is a type of burger made by White Castle in the US. They are usually small burgers with strategically placed holes that are cooked by steaming over sliced onions, topped with pickles and placed on white buns.

    They are indeed an acquired taste. Usually craved after the intake of alcohol or a certain herbal tobacco substitute late at night. These burgers are much smaller than regular burgers (less than 2oz a piece) and often sold in 10 packs or even boxes of 30 for serious cravings....

    People either love em or hate em, there's no middle ground. I initially found the soggy gray meat off putting but, once eaten, they aren't bad, they were one of the first fast food burgers greated. Definitely not gourmet, but they do have their place.

    I was quite happily surprised to see that someone had built a White Castle in western Toronto at one point then found out it was a movie set for "Harold and Kumar go to White Castle"...

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      I worked in Detroit for a few years, and a White Castle run was something you might do once or twice a year. As Mike noted, they are small, so you need to order at least four for a decent meal. They are cooked by a combination of steaming/frying, and you don't get all the trimmings you get at other burger joints (no lettuce, tomato, or relish).

      An acquired taste? Isn't everything? But, like Krispy Kreme donuts, it's the kind of thing that you really enjoy once or twice a year, but get pretty sick of if you're eating it every week.

    2. I'm a Krystal's person myself.

      I've made sliders, belly bombs, belly busters or whatever you like to call 'em. I've also had them at bars. For what they are, they're really good.
      Agreed that they wear out their welcome quickly.