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Halloween Party Cocktail?

I am hosting a dinner party this Saturday night before a big costume party at a neighbor's house. Does anyone have an inventive and very tasty cocktail recommendation? I think it would be fun if the cocktail could be orange or have somekind of festive something-something to it. Please no pumpkin flavored drinks (ick!) Thanks!

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  1. I'm having a Halloween Party and serving Lychee Punch made with Lichido Liqueur, Belvedere Vodka, Orange Juice and Lychee Nuts. The Lichido is the perfect flavor, the OJ adds tang and color, and the lychee nuts simulate eyeballs...perfect for Halloween!! Now if only I didn't have to use the canned ones :-(

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      What is lichido liqueur? I've never heard of it. Nice idea about the lychee "eyeballs". :)

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        If you stuff the lychees w/ dates, they really look like eyeballs.

      2. I used to make a bubbling cauldron of punch with floating eyeballs in it!

        To make it go a long way, I always used a base of cheap box wine, and then added whatever ingredients I liked, until I got the desired color. Anything fizzy with vodka is good. Add 2x2" dry ice blocks every 20 mins of so and you'll have a fantastic punch!


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          (for some reason I had to reply to last poster rather than in general.)

          Blood orange mimosas.

          I remember seeing something called a black martini somewhere but don't recall what ingredient made it black. perhaps Google knows. I'm not usually crazy about flavored martinis but maybe the idea provides inspiration, anyway.

          I love the cauldron with dry ice idea, creeeeepy! Must add that one sure way for me to remain sober would be to have eyeballs floating in my glass! :0
          actually, might be a brilliant idea, that. ;)

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            I wonder if black vodka was the "special" ingredient? I remember Martha Stewart featured it her magazine a couple of years ago. I just can't put my head around that---black vodka?!? Would that color your mouth and tongue black after drinking it???

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            If you go w/ dry ice in a cauldron, I read in Martha Stewart's magazine (waiting in the orthdontist office) that you can take a twig wreath (one that the cauldron will fit in the center), lay it flat, add a rope light in the middle, some orange crepe paper on the edges to look like fire, and put the cauldron in the middle. It'll look like it's cooking.

          3. Do either of you know if it's safe to drink liquid with dry ice in it? I did a search and it's only carbon dioxide. So in theory, it should be OK, right? I've always done the punch-bowl within a cauldron thing just to be safe..but I'm curious.

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              I've had dry ice punch and lived to tell, so it must be okay. It LOOKS really cool, like what the "mad professor" has bubbling away in his laboratory. Haven't got a clue where you'd get it from or how you'd store it.

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                It's completely safe - a lot of liquor stores sell it too. All that's happening is it's turning directly from a solid to a gas (a safe one). Doesn't affect the drink at all. Occasionally you have to poke it a little though to get it going, 'cause it tends to develop a layer of frosen punch on the outside of the blocks. You can even put little chips of it in people's drinks!

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                It's safe as long as you're reasonably responsible. Dry ice is cold enough to cause skin burns, so avoid putting chunks of it in people's drinks. Here in Phoenix you can find it in just about every major grocery store.

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                  Dry ice is safe for drinks, but it is not safe to injest so you might want to consider making the pieces of dry ice quite large. Dry ice will sink to the bottom of the glass, but the liquid around it will freeze and eventually that sucker will float to the top because of the ice shell. SOME... especially if your brew is strong, will be tempted to eat the ice. Since that is a no no, it is your judgement call. I think it will burn your stomach if it is swallowed. Someone else could probably tell you if that is the truth. Maybe frost bite? Anyway, that would be an ugly trick... or treat. ; )

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                    Yep, I had the dry ice company cut me a block and slice it up into what they called "chips" which were the size of large baby-Lego blocks. When added to the punch, they DID sink and formed a massive clump at the bottom, but, no-body tried to eat it.

                    FYI, the best way to store it, is as a block, double brown-paper bagged (those thick, supermarket ones are best), in an empty cooler/ igloo.


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                      And make sure to fill the empty cooler space with newspaper.

                      You know something else... if you have an unheated pool you can put some in there. If it is heated I think it merely bubbles v steams scarily. I am not sure about the amounts needed.

                      The lego block thing is good to know. Saves labor.

                2. Devil's breath:
                  2/3 part spicy v8
                  1/3 oart chili pepper flavored vodka
                  dash of lime juice
                  dash of tabasco sauce
                  lime juice for garnish

                  Witch's kiss:
                  2-4 tbsp chocolate flavored liquer, eg Godiva or creme de cacao
                  1 tsp heavy cream

                  Pour liquid into a cordial glass, cardeully pour cream on top. Do not stir; the cream will float on surface.

                  1. You use Bla Vod - a brand of black vodka that won't turn your mouth black

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                      Is this still available? I thought they had discontinued this product.

                    2. gyp7318, Lichido is really delicious! I'm surprised you haven't heard of it. It's made of lychee, peach and guava. It's pink and pretty but it packs a real punch cuz it hides the taste of any hard alcohol and makes it taste lychee-ish. I'm kind of wishing I had some right now, actually. And yeah, the lychee eyeballs are definitely the final Halloween touch! :-)

                      1. A simple cocolate martini.
                        Vodka & creme de cacao.

                        1. My fave is the Brain Hemorrhage. Other Halloween drink recipes can be found at:


                          pic of BH: http://cssa.berkeley.edu/photos/defau...

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                            Cool drinks! That glow in the dark drink would be fun. I love the brain hemorrhage.

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                              Remember, tonic water is blacklight responsive... ;-)

                              One I would suggest is called a Vampire... vodka, cranberry, chambord, and a squeeze of lime. It's delicious and the color is such a beautiful blood red.

                          2. I make a Rum Punch that is very good--and orange...

                            1. Zen Green Tea Liqueur and soda with a squish of lemon. It's green and looks very Halloweenish when you drop in a couple of lichees... eyeballs floating in green liquid...

                              1. You could do something with midori (like melon balls - or shooters) and put peeled grapes in it. They feel like eyeballs in your mouth.

                                There is a cool site where this person made scary halloween food. You might want to take a glance at it:

                                Seems she likes the idea of Midori as a drink too except she has the recipe.

                                Have fun. I will be handing out cheap chocolate mostly to kids too old to be trick or treating. Blah.

                                1. I'm bumping this old thread up to see if anyone has any new fun ideas for a Halloween cocktail punch that could be served in a "cauldron" with dry ice.

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                                    Punches are how I like to roll at Halloween: I don't want to fuss with cocktail shakers when I'm wearing a costume. It's also important to remember to have straws handy, so people in masks or heavy makeup can drink more easily. The dry ice trick is indeed fun and very impressive. Here's a simple recipe that is delicious, pretty to look at, and a bit on the sneaky side. I used to make these in 30-gallon batches for Halloween parties in my college days.

                                    MC Slim JB's Halloween Hellraiser

                                    1 half-gallon of no-pulp orange juice
                                    1 12-oz can of frozen lemonade
                                    1 46-oz can of pineapple juice
                                    1 1-liter aseptic pack of passionfruit juice *
                                    2 750ml bottles of light rum **
                                    1 750ml bottle of white port
                                    1 64-oz bottle of seltzer, ginger ale, or lemon-lime soda

                                    * This is a more modern, fresher-tasting alternative to what I used to use: a half-bottle of ZaRex Fruit Punch flavored syrup.

                                    ** In fact, just about any combination of white 80-proof spirits (vodka, light rum, blanco tequila, cachaca, but not gin) works. This punch is a good way to clear out those near-empty bottles from your bar.

                                    Combine all ingredients in a punch bowl, float a large block of ice in it. Optional: add a block of dry ice for creepy fog effect. Ladle punch over plenty of ice cubes in 12-oz highball glasses or plastic party cups. Be sure not to get any dry-ice chips in your glass, and discourage other drinkers from putting dry ice in theirs. Enjoy!

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                                      Can you hazard a guess as to how many servings this might yield?

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                                        Let's see: this is a little under ten quarts of total liquid before ice melt, ~300 oz. (50 oz @ 40% alcohol and 25 oz @ 20% alcohol = 25 oz of alcohol, which makes the punch about 16% alcohol or 32 proof, a little stronger than a hearty red wine prior to dilution from ice). Figure a 6-oz ladleful over a cup full of ice and you've got about 50 servings. This is tasty and doesn't taste boozy, so people will gulp 2-3 servings each without any trouble, more if the setting is warm.

                                        I also often add one to two cups of Grenadine syrup for a rosy tint I think is more attractive than the orangey-yellow the punch is otherwise. This is the one drawback to using real passion fruit juice instead of the ZaRex syrup, which provides an artificial passion fruit flavor but also adds a vivid magenta color. (ZaRex is hard to find these days outside of New England, where the Hannaford supermarket chain still carries it.) Frozen and bottled Hawaiian Punch type drinks, which also have a mild passion fruit flavor, don't seem to work as well.

                                        You can adjust the sweetness of the punch in a couple of ways. Use pomegranate molasses (less sweet) instead of Grenadine, add or omit some simple syrup (cane sugar dissolved in a equal amount of water), and choose seltzer vs. sugary ginger ale or lemon/lime soda. I personally like these punches a little tarter, but that's not to everyone's taste.

                                        I've also used a couple of bottles of sparking white wine (Champagne, cava or Prosecco) to substitute for the white port and one quart of the selter or soda. It's another way to get the requisite alcohol from wine, dry white wine flavor, and fizz.

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                                          Fee Brothers(the bitters people) also do syrups and they have 2 or 3 different passion fruit syrups in different colors. aaaaaaathey are very helpful and do no hassle mail orders.

                                    2. My favorite fall drink is one I made up a couple of ytears ago after returning fom a trip to Normandy and Bretagne Which I dubbed a NorManhattan. In a shaker, filled with ice, add 2 jiggers of good quality bourbon such as Woodford or Booker's, 1 jigger of a good Calvados, and 1/2 jigger of a French Liquer de Pommes( apple liquer, and not anything like pucker) stir until very cold and serve up in a martini glass, garnished with a very thin wedge of apple that is notched so it will hang on the edge of the glass. It is the very essence of Fall, and even though cold, it will warm you up.

                                      1. I just received this article and recipes from the Fine Living Network. 10 Happy Holloween Cocktails:


                                        I hope that helps.