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Oct 24, 2006 12:29 AM

"Big Booty Bakery " - at the Redwood City Farmer's Market

I just needed a few things so I stopped at Redwood City Farmer's Market last Saturday and found a new baked goods vendor (4 weeks) who really stands out from the pack.

Angela Kearney and her "Big Booty Bakery" is producing some great goodies - I wasn't going to give in but I couldn't resist - I tasted a sample of her Thick, Rich, Hot Cocoa. This is an Italian style thick type of cocoa and comes in regular and Hot - I tasted the Hot which includes Cayenne and Cinnamom - YUM!

Angela is baking what look like Moon Pies - large soft cookies with sinful fillings - I tasted a pumpkin one with a cream cheese flavored with bits of candied ginger - excellent! There were several other flavors as well as gift packs of the cocoa with demitasse cups and saucers and T-Shirts that were just a chuckle - the saying on the back of the shirt is "Does this make my booty look fat?" I guess you have to see her things and the way they've been packaged to really appreciate what a great job of marketing she's doing - aside from the fact that her products taste good!

I asked if she has a retail location and she told me that she's only at the Farmer's Market until Nov. 18th (that's when this market closes for the seaon) but she has a Wedding Cake business called Cakewalk, website too. She can be reached at: or 650-321-2799

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  1. Those pumpkin/creamcheese/ginger cookies sound great ... with a cup of spicy hot chocolate.

    Do you know if she sells at other farmers markets? Tell her El Cerrito could use a baked goods stand ... and hot chocolate.

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    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Yum, sounds great. I tend to stick to the Palo Alto market, but maybe I'll venture further north. Did she have other things besides the moon cookies and hot chocolate?

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          The main thing I'm remembering were the Moon Pie type of things in several flavors and the cocoa mix. Best thing would probably be to either email or phone Angela and ask... She mentioned that she has a wedding cake business and has been baking for 20 yrs.

        2. After reading your post yesterday I went to the RWC FM for the first time mostly to see and taste the bootylicious "moonpies."

          Angela had your Chowhound post pinned to her booth and was really excited to have been mentioned here. She was definitely wondering who you might be.

          I really lked her product and her marketing and think her product will be great in local cafes and markets. Thanks for pointing her out.

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          1. re: artychokeasana

            You're welcome! I'm so glad you went and checked out Angela's "bootylicious" moonpies and that you liked them too!

            I stopped by yesterday morning and when I walked up to her stand to say hello, she asked me if I was RWCFoodie to my "cover" was blown!!! She had heard about my original CH post from someone at KQED I believe. I really like her product and packaging - the RC Farmer's Market will close the Saturday after Thanksgiving I think - I asked her if she is going to be in any other retail venue and she said she is working on it...

            Some specialty coffee place(s) needs to pick up on these yummy treats! I brought home a Pumpkin/Orange with the crystallised ginger cream cheese filling and one of the chocoloate with espresso cream cheese filling to be part of a birthday dinner for a friend last night - even though we were all full (buratta on Acme sweet batard, end of season garden tomatoes, basil, red onion with a balsamic dressing, braised lamb shanks with polenta, copious amounts of good red wine...) yummy yummy yummy! Watch for Big Booty Bakery goodies possibly at a specialty shop near you...