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Oct 24, 2006 12:26 AM

Buying spices

OK guys. My husband said no one will respond to this post... let's prove him wrong!

I need to buy small amounts of spices -- about 50 grams or so... Anyone know where we can find a place that sells spices this way? I tried the place over on 9th Avenue in the 40s but they have a minimum limit of a .25 lb and I only need about half that.

I know this is an odd request but I have no place to store the spices (studio apartment, galley kitchen, etc. etc.) and I don't like to keep them for too long as they smell up the cabinets and eventually lose their flavour anyway.


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  1. I'll prove him wrong, though I don't know if I have a fool-proof answer for you - have you tried Kalyustan (sp?) on Lexington?

    1. Just buy a little more than you need and give the extra to a friend. Or throw it away. Or bring the extra down to a soup kitchen or food bank and let them have it.

      1. what an interesting challenge! i know that you can buy teensy quantities by mail order from penzey's and penderey's (sp?), but the penzey's store at grand central has little jars for sale, and no obvious bulk options. kalustyan's sells plastic baggies of spices, if i remember correctly, and i think they're probably bigger than you want.

        Another potentially totally unhelpful tip would be to do a search on the outer boroughs board. sahadi's, an awesome middle eastern grocery on atlantic avenue, sold spices in bulk until about a year or two ago. there were posts on chowhound at the time lamenting the change to larger packages, and there might be recommendations for other places that sell bulk spices in those old threads.

        there's also a bulk spices place that came up in a discussion on shopping for vanilla beans:

        Your husband clearly doesn't know what a food obsessed bunch hang out here :) Good luck!

        1. I have your answer, or at least I think I do! It's on Bleecker, near Murray's, called Apothacarie or something starting with an "A." Last I checked they sold bulk spices and you could buy very little. Someone help out with the name? They also sell bulk potpourri

          1. Thanks everyone! I knew you wouldn't let me down!

            I'll try Apothecary -- think I know the place. I also saw Integral Yoga mentioned on another post... Will try there too.