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Kosher Fast Food

Is there any that isn't horrible? even decent will suffice, as long as it is actually fast

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    1. Kosher Deluxe is ok, so is Mr. Broadway. Most shawarma places are fast.

      1. don't go to mr. broadway. it's so depressing.

        1. Queens- Grill Point in Queens has fast food (and waiter/waitress service as an option). Its Israeli food is really good.

          Great Neck - Roasters in Great Neck has no ambiance, but its Chinese food is really good for fast food.

          Brooklyn-The Estihana Expess in Flatbush has pretty good food, but it seems overpriced for fast food style.

          Five Towns- Yossi's Grill in Lawrence has pretty good Israeli food. Carlos & Gabby's has pretty good Mexican food.

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            EstiHana Express in Brooklyn is gone.

          2. I disagree fully with Matzohrella. Mr Broadway is a classic NY Jewish Deli with all the correct ambieance for such an establishment. Whenever I get to NYC I try to go there.
            I was there in July and the pastrami was heavenly (melt in your mouth) and the pickles and cole slaw were great.
            Even the prices are normal
            I would not by any means call it "fast food" It is a full service sit down restaurant and a very good one by that!

            1. Mr. Broadway was one of my favorite dating places. Totally agree about the great food.

              1. I think, as do my non-kosher friends, that the Mr. Broadway food is good also. I also think Kosher Delight sandwiches are tasty

                1. fast food isnt supposed to be decent!!! if you want authentic, horrible fast food, kd is the way to go (though i wouldnt call them fast). dougie's express is another option though you have to know what youre ordering, only a limited number of their foods are actually good. sub express on thirteenth is very decent and equally expensive, Chap-a-nosh: great pigout place. subsational: superslow except if you call in and pick up. then that's probably the way to go.

                  1. thanks for all the recs