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Oct 24, 2006 12:17 AM

slow cooker-short rib recipes

With a chill in the air, I'm ready to pull out the slow cooker. Looking for great short rib recipes. Any style welcome.

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  1. I'm not a great fan of slow cookers, but have some advice for whatever you choose to do with the short ribs: Brown the short ribs in a skillet first, pour off most of the fat, and deglaze the pan before continuing with any slow cooker recipe.

    By using the browned ribs combined with the deglazing liquid, you'll end up with a much more flavourful dish than if you just dump the raw short ribs into the slow cooker.

    1. In his new book, HEAT, Buford gives the essential steps for making short ribs and, for that matter, any type of cut that can be raised including oso buco, lamb shanks, ox tail. His recipe is short and to the point, and he claims every good restaurant uses it. The book's a neat read, a revelation sometimes, and fun. He has absolutely no pretenses. If you can get it, and read it, you'll have learned a basic technique that will stand you in good stead for any kind of braising and slow cooking. Here's a review of the book:

      Here's an interview:

      And here's the recipe:

      Good luck with preparing them, and let us know how they and you turned out.

      1. Hmm. Well, do you want bbq'd style short ribs? (you basically brown the ribs up in a skillet, make up your favorite bbq sauce in the skillet then throw everything in the crock pot to braise).

        Or do you want a european style braised short rib? With this technique you brown the ribs up in a skillet, then make a flavorful braising sauce out of the drippings. Then you combine everything in the crock pot, with mirepoix veggies if you want.

        If you are familiar with building pan sauces and/or braising liquids, you can do this kind of dish in your sleep. I don't use any recipes, but the technique is all you need to know.