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New to Indian cuisine and totally in love with naan, especially peshwari and keema. Had some tonight from Bollywood in Lexington and was very disappointed. Where do you suggest I try next? Thanks!

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  1. My favorite for Indian is Tanjore on Eliot Street in Harvard Square. Their peshawari naan is excellent. I've not had keema naan, but I do like Tanjore's keema dosa.

    1. In either direction on Mass Ave you will find better than Bollywood: Lexington Center has Khushboo and Arlington Center has Punjab.

      1. The Indian place in the 88 food court is pretty tasty

        1. I prefer Khushboo's naan to Bollywood's. It's a little thicker and softer.

          1. Give Bukhara in Jamaica Plain a try, it is one of my favorite Indian places. Their naan is amazing.

            1. If you happen to be in the Burlington Mall, check out Gourmet India in the food court. (I know -- mall food court? Trust me.) Especially good if you just want to grab some naan to take out.

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                I was about to say the same thing. Believe it or not, Gourmet India has GREAT nan. There are locations in the Pru food court, and a standalone location--the original--in coolidge corner. The CC outpost is probably the strongest.

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                  Actually, the original was and is in the Burlington Mall. (And the naan is very good.)

                  I had an unexpectedly good Peshwari naan at the Ambassador in Woburn.


              2. I knew I could count on you all for help. Kiyah, thick and soft is what we're after. Bollywood's was flat, dry and basically tasteless, very disappointing as I said. Pia, I've seen the Mall place featured on Chronicle and it's been on our list. With your endorsement, we'll definitely be there soon.

                1. The mint naan at Himalaya in West Roxbury is outstanding. In general, Himalaya is tastier than Bukhara and has some nepali dishes as well as the typical Indian options.

                  1. The naan at Classic India in Quincy is the best I've had in Boston (their entrees are about the best I've had, too, though I might put Himalayan Bistro in WR and Punjabi Dhaba in Cambridge slightly higher up than Classic India).

                    1. BTW, I like my naan to have some crispy/crackly spots and bubbles on the outside. Too thick and soft is not for me!

                      1. I second Bukhara in JP and would add Rani in Coolidge Corner, Brookline. Both crispy and not too doughy.

                        1. Hmmm - I should also add that Trader Joe's frozen Naan is a pretty good at home fix. I was pleasantly surprised!

                          1. I like the naan at most Indian restaurants I've been to, but Classic India in Quincy Center probably makes the best. I think that's because you can watch them make it. They have their oven in a glassed in area of the dining room so you watch them make it fresh for each table.

                            1. Himalayian Bistro in W. Rox...