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Oct 23, 2006 11:53 PM

Cheese shops in Baltimore?

Anyone know of any good cheese shops in Baltimore? We're moving there shortly and I haven't been able to find much information online.


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  1. The Whole Foods market on Central Ave and Fleet has a good selection of domestic and international cheeses. The Wine Source in Hampden also has a small but interesting selection. Also, as I was walking through the Cross Street Market yesterday, I saw that a new cheese shop is being set up at the East end of the building. Don't know any details about it however.

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    1. re: jmasek

      The Whole Foods Market at Inner Harbor East (it's actually at Fleet and Exeter, not Fleet and Central) has a good cheese selection, but it's all pre-wrapped.

      I miss the old cheese shop at Broadway Market where I could actually taste cheeses before buying them.

      1. re: Hal Laurent

        Whole Foods will let you taste the cheeses, even if it means unwrapping them. You just need to ask.

        Wegmans has a similar cheese department, and if you ask for Jerry (I'm pretty sure that's his name), he'll be just as helpful. I haven't tried asking anyone else, but he came out and helped my girlfriend sample several blues.

    2. The Old Vine on Falls Road has a nice selection, as well.

      1. Bruschetta on Boston St in Canton has a good selection of cheese. Chesapeake Wine Co. (also on Boston) has a small selection of good cheese.

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        1. re: davestar

          Last time I was at Bruschetta, they were turning themselves into a dining establishment. A terrible decision IMO, but the deli case in front was basically empty.

        2. Trinachria on Paca Street is a traditional Italian grocery store with amazing cheeses for good prices. Don't tell anyone else though - it's too crowded on Saturdays as it is!

          1. The Wine Source in Hampden has a nice (if smallish) cheese selection.

            Decent selection and well maintained. Most of the offerings are ripe and ready to go.