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Cheese shops in Baltimore?

Anyone know of any good cheese shops in Baltimore? We're moving there shortly and I haven't been able to find much information online.


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  1. The Whole Foods market on Central Ave and Fleet has a good selection of domestic and international cheeses. The Wine Source in Hampden also has a small but interesting selection. Also, as I was walking through the Cross Street Market yesterday, I saw that a new cheese shop is being set up at the East end of the building. Don't know any details about it however.

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      The Whole Foods Market at Inner Harbor East (it's actually at Fleet and Exeter, not Fleet and Central) has a good cheese selection, but it's all pre-wrapped.

      I miss the old cheese shop at Broadway Market where I could actually taste cheeses before buying them.

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        Whole Foods will let you taste the cheeses, even if it means unwrapping them. You just need to ask.

        Wegmans has a similar cheese department, and if you ask for Jerry (I'm pretty sure that's his name), he'll be just as helpful. I haven't tried asking anyone else, but he came out and helped my girlfriend sample several blues.

    2. The Old Vine on Falls Road has a nice selection, as well.

      1. Bruschetta on Boston St in Canton has a good selection of cheese. Chesapeake Wine Co. (also on Boston) has a small selection of good cheese.

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          Last time I was at Bruschetta, they were turning themselves into a dining establishment. A terrible decision IMO, but the deli case in front was basically empty.

        2. Trinachria on Paca Street is a traditional Italian grocery store with amazing cheeses for good prices. Don't tell anyone else though - it's too crowded on Saturdays as it is!

          1. The Wine Source in Hampden has a nice (if smallish) cheese selection.

            Decent selection and well maintained. Most of the offerings are ripe and ready to go.

            1. Whole Foods is not on Caroline St. It's at Fleet and Exeter.

              1. What about the cheese shop at Belvedere Square? Not a huge selection, but what they have is nice and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Neopol Smokery which is in the same building. The smoked trout and the cheese pies are especially good. The cheese stand at the farmer's market under the fallsway is also fun but again limited selection. I miss both the Broadway and the old Cross Street Markets' cheese shops; I learned to like cheese as a kid by tasting their selections.

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                  They have great smoked salt as well. Handy to have in the pantry.

                2. I'ma fan of Wine Source for cheese, but certainly Whole Foods and the other suggestions work well too. It depends on where you are coming from, I suppose. Look for the cheese selection at Cierello's in Belvedere Square to improve- Tim and Ace, formerly of Mastellone's and then Bruschetta have landed there. Already Tim's famous housemade mozzarella is there and worth the trip.

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                  1. Thanks for all the suggestions! I truly appreciate it. I'll have to check out Cierello's and The Wine Source as well as haunting the farmer's markets for local cheeses.

                    1. Graul's at May's Chapel has a nice selection. They also have a Ruxton (Bellona Ave) location which I haven't visited.

                      1. Wegman's by far has the most sensational cheese display--maybe not even the best. But, for volume and variety it can't be beat.

                        I've gotten some very decent cheeses at the Amish Farmer's Market. NOthing unusual, but quite nice.

                        Eddie's on Charles Street has some interesting selections--BUT--I haven't shopped there for quite some time (unfortunately).

                        I've purchased some very nice and sometimes unusual selections of cheeses at Whole Foods (in Mount Washington)--but, it's been quite some time (maybe a year or so ago). Have tried the selection at the Harbor East location. Certainly a nice variety.

                        Anyhow, welcome to B'More. I'm sure you will be guided quite well on your exploration of chowing down in the area if you rely on the Baltimore Chowhounders. We are an interesting and eccentric group, but KNOW OUR (STUFFING AND FIXIN'S).

                        Beware!!!! Just ask for the best crabcake and/or steamed crabs. Just know that I warned you. FoiGras

                        1. I love when people answer questions for posts from years ago...

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                            Looks like I'm a few years late on this one but I'll add my $.02 anyway.

                            The Big Cheese in Downtown Annapolis has a nice selection of cheeses. I'm partial to DTA so I don't know if it's really that great of a store or just the atmosphere that I adore. The employees are very friendly and encouraged tasting.

                            47 Randall Street, Annapolis

                            The Big Cheese
                            47 Randall St, Annapolis, MD 21401

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                                I figured it was close enough! *LOL*

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                              In partial defense of replying to old threads, I find it useful sometimes to see updates to old threads so that the history of that particular recurring topic is all in one place. It's also useful in cases where the previous recommendations are no longer valid, whether because someplace has gone out of business or the quality of a place has gone downhill.

                              For me, it's very frustrating to do a search on a particular topic and find only threads from years previous, and having to either take my chances that the replies are still valid, or try to post a new query and hope I get responses by the time I need the information. It's much easier if threads are occasionally updated, IMO.

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                                Warthog--I commend you for "speaking up: with regards to anyone responding to older topics/threads. Some people can be snarky and "know it all" where this is concerned. But, like you, it's much easier to follow a continuing thread and see the progression over a time period.

                                Albeit I, myself, start a "new.old" topic-- just so I don't have to do any searching for the original.

                                With regards to cheese--Wegman's has the largest selection, but can be overwhelming. I've found some basic, scrumptious cheeses at Eddie's on North Charles Street and Whole Foods (they have been touch and go lately).

                                Haven't been to the recommended Big Cheese in Annapolis, but who cares if it's in a "different city." Annapolis is a nice place to visit and not very far from those who live in the Baltimore City area. It could be a stretch for the surrounding county residents, but hey, Wegman's is a good half hour drive from where I reside, but worth the trip., FoiGras

                                The Big Cheese
                                47 Randall St, Annapolis, MD 21401

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                                  I get ADD when I go to Wegman's! *LOL*

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                                  any other updates to this thread?

                                  i imagine that Wegmans, Whole Foods, the Wine Source are still all valid. i don't recall seeing a cheese shop in Belvedere Square.

                                  any bona fide cheese shops? or will it all be pre-wrapped plastic at the counter?
                                  anywhere that is actually wrapping cheese in cheese paper?


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                                    just saw this link in another thread, for cheese at the wine source... http://charmcitycheesemongers.wordpre...

                                    before i head over there, might someone be able to confirm the cheese-paper question?

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                                      All of the cheeses at the Wine Source can be purchased as cut to order and wrapped in cheese paper. Samples are offered for all of the cheeses except some of the small formats.