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Oct 23, 2006 11:50 PM

Soba downtown?

Looking for really authentic soba noodles downtown, preferably near little tokyo (and elsewhere in the city too!). I'm talking the hearty, rough textured soba one could find at places like Nippon New York, not the dry packaged kind that's served at Mishima.

Any ideas?

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  1. Sadly, not.

    Excellent soba can be had in LA, but just not in Little Tokyo.

    Try Yabu (for a rougher noodle) I also like the very, very excellent Ichimi An on Havens in Torrance as well as the refined Otafuku on Western. A good googling will unearth all these places.

    1. I have heard the best soba in Little Tokyo/Downtown can be had at Rikyu, in Weller Court.

      1. My favorite soba is from:

        Suehiro Cafe
        (213) 626-9132
        337 E 1st St
        Los Angeles

        They have a very simple, basic version, and they also have a dressed up version with tempura batter pieces.

        1. I tried the soba at Rikyu, they're not that great. The noodles are handmade, but the noodles are cut unevenly, ranging from normal width to three times as thick. It's a bit unsettling to see and it just speaks of the nature with which they were made. Not chewy, and the soup is just average. Tried the kenshin soba which comes with gobo, lotus, konnyaku, and carrots and the sansai soba.

          Also tried their small bowl of squid tempura, which was the worst tempura I've ever had. Soggy and soaked in soy sauce.

          I'd much rather drive to Torrance for Ichimi An Honten. Love love love their soba.

          1. I've been told that Japanese handmade noodles are supposed to be uneven...

            Anyway, there's supposed to be fantastic soba at a soba/udon joint reight next to Pacific/Marukai market in Gardena (Western/Redondo Beach Bld.)