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Oct 23, 2006 11:05 PM

Vegas - 2 NYC girls seek great food and lively Strip dining -- not "serious" food

We're usually quite serious when it comes to food, and I've eaten at many of the "fine" Vegas restaurants already. This trip, however, we want to forego the Robouchon, Picasso, Savoy-type fine dining scene. I have two dinners to plan and I'm taking a Vegas virgin. Where, other than steakhouses and sushi places do you suggest?

Many thanks!

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  1. Mon Ami Gabi is fun if you can get a table outside.

    I'd also suggest one of the nightclubs, maybe going to
    the Wynn.

    1. Thanks much. We're having brunch the first day at Bouchon (one of my faves), and I've got reservations at Robuchon in NYC just before the trip, so I should add another clarification, french food is out. Sorry for all the caveats!

      1. You might like Mix at Mandalay Bay, very hip, fun & good food. The Wynn nightclub is not good. Pure at Caesars or Light at Bellagio are probably the two best in town. You might also like the Palms or Hard Rock for a younger crowd.

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          Thanks for the input. Am v famliar with the nightclub scene, Prefer Light when it comes to nightclubs (particularly as I stay at the Bellagio). Right now, though, focused more on the food. :)

        2. Ahhhhh Nooooooo!!! You must go to FAT BURGER!!!! No elegant dining there, but the burgers are pretty awesome!!

          1. Mix is great for drinks, but I was disappointed in the food there. N9ne at the Palms, although purportedly a steakhouse, is a fun place with a very varied and enjoyable menu. I'd also consider Fix, in Bellagio, with which you may already be familiar. I think the food is fun and it's a great place to people watch. Okada at the Wynn is great, and although is has a sushi focus, it actually has quite a varied menu; the room is beautiful, and although it is good food, it is not a "production" meal like the Guy Savoy, Rubochon, etc. Also worth considering might be Cafe Ba Ba Reeba for tapas in the Fashion Show....good food, reasonably quick, and fun people watching especially if you can sit outside....