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Oct 23, 2006 10:52 PM

Lunch/brunch in SF for 6-8 people. Nice ambiance? Thinking Butterfly? or Yank Sing? Saturday.

Looking to keep budgeted around $40 per person or so. Anyone been to the Cliff House breakfast buffet?

We are celebrating 30th B-day of my BF all week-end long with out of town guests, so looking to keep this meal reasonable, but touristy enough to please the out-of-towners.

Does not have to be fancy food (even bbq ok), as long as good with nice environs that are not too hotel-like.

We wanted to go to Guyamas in Tiburon, so that kind of place (people wanted to stay in SF). Hmmmmmmm

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  1. I'd highly recommend AGAINST the Cliff House. Terrible.

    I'm not sure if the environs are what you had in mind, but Absinthe has a nice brunch. Not sure if that's 'reasonable.'

    1. I had one of the worst buffets in my life at the Cliff House, but that is beside the point as the brunch buffet is Sunday only. If you must do that go for the food.

      I like Yank Sing. Never been to butterfly because the reports on this board have been horrid. So I take you you want food with a view of the water. Someone recently had a positive report on The Waterfront.

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        it was 2 years ago, but i had a really nice brunch at the waterfront with a group of 7.

      2. What about Farmer Brown? The food is excellent (but southern, if that's OK)and the atmosphere is nice and laid back.

        1. Here are some of our favorite places that will work well for a small party:

          Chouchou - French Bistro, Forest Hill

          Tangerine - Pan Asian, Castro

          Le Zinc - French Bistro, Noe Valley

          Home - American, Marina

          They all serve great food with nice atmosphere. You'll have no problem making your budget at any of those restaurants.