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Oct 23, 2006 10:45 PM

Best Chocolate Truffles in Boston Area

I'm looking for a bake shop, large or small, that makes 'to-die-for' truffles....with different variations...Doesn't have to be in Boston proper...Any ideas?? I'm craving some good sweet!!!

Or any sweet shops that sell phenomenal miniature pastries...

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  1. There's a place called The Chocolate Truffle on Washington St. in Woburn that has very good truffles!

    1. Teuscher's on Newbury Street has awesome truffles. Their champagne truffle is an all-time fav.

      1. L.A. Burdick's chocolate in Cambridge is phenomonal.

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          I'd also recommend Burdick's -- in addition to their excellent chocolates they also have superb pastries. Maybe not miniature pastries -- were you looking for petit fours? -- but certainly petite, and seriously great. I stopped by this morning and had a very good caffe americano and a chocolate croissant still warm from the oven. Awesome.

        2. teusher's is the BEST ever- but i'm not such a fan of the champagne truffle, it's everything else that makes my mouth water...mmmm