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Oct 23, 2006 10:35 PM

La Quinta Weekend -- Blend Restaurant? Other Recommendations?

Spouse and I are heading to the La Quinta Resort this weekend. For dinner, we are leaning toward Blend Restaurant, recently opened by by Kevin Kathman (formerly of The French Laundry) and his wife.

Any thoughts on Blend or other La Quinta area restuarants for dinner? Breakfast? Lunch?


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  1. Andrew's Bar and Grill in La Quinta $$...sit outside
    Thai Smile on Washington St. in La Quinta $$...excellent
    Desert Sage in La Quinta $$$$ just reopened with a new chef

    Wander up 111 about 5 miles and go to Jillian's $$$$ on El Paseo in Palm Desert. Make a reservation for the's wonderful.

    Don't get sucked in to The Falls or LG'S. Have a great time...

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      We have eaten at Omri and Bonni's several times and it has always been very good.

      1. re: normalheightsfoodie

        I believe it's closed, and after our dinner there, I can;t say I'm surprised. What about Azur at LQR?

        1. re: torta basilica

          We dined at Azur for our 10th Aniversary and it was great.

    2. Thanks for the tips. We ate at Blend Restaurant in La Quinta. It was a nice surprise. The decor is simple and tasteful, but nothing extravagant. It's in an old restaurant space with low ceilings reminscent of a bungalow -- like Pasadena's The Raymond Restaurant, but without that much charm. It was quiet and relaxed, however, and that made for a pleasant evening.

      The service was great -- attentive, inconspicuous and knowledgable.

      We ordered the chef's selection, a five-course tasting menu for $70 each. It was quite the value considering the variety of courses. Favorites included grilled prawns with arugula, avocado, pico de gallo and a yuzu vinaigrette; a tartare of salmon on taro root chip with a wasabi emulsion; and homemade pasta with a generous amount of black truffles and cream.

      The wine list was creative, focused and not overextensive.

      I would recommend this restaurant to anyone seeking relaxed fine dining in the desert.

      1. Will check that out next trip - thanks! Did you eat anywhere else?

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          I wish Blend served breakfast.

          We made the mistake of eating at La Quinta Resort for our first meals of the day. The service was obscenely slow and nonchalant. Worse yet, the food was expensive and poorly executed. I've had better meals at economy hotel breakfast buffets.

        2. Went to Blend on the weekend. Food was outstanding. Truffle potato raviolini was a 10/10 - silky pasta, lots of black truffles, the best-textured pasta I've ever had. Veal cheeks were also perfection. This chef produced the finest food I have eaten in the desert and I will go back again and again.

          They also know their wines there - great cellar and excellent service, nothing snooty either.